Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Colic and teething. They don't mix!

Remember THIS post about Kali having Colic?
and THIS one about rice cereal making her feel better?

Everything was going well,
until a couple days after feeding her cereal.

I started noticing that she was pooping hardly at all.
I also started noticing that when she DID poop, it stunk SO BAD.
I didn't even know a baby could produce something that smells so bad. (haha)

As the days went on,
her bowel movements started becoming little pebbles.

The rice cereal was not helping her with the problems she already had with this.
I backed up and started only giving her rice cereal at night.

It still was not making a difference,
and she began getting fussy like she was before.

Good thing I was still breastfeeding at night,
so I hadn't completely dried up.

I decided to just start breastfeeding again.
Only a bottle at night.
with no rice cereal.

Just like I was doing before.

She is still fussy.
It hasn't changed.
I would think it was my breastmilk,
but she started getting fussy before I started breastfeeding full time again.

So we are back to square one.

Along with these symptoms
She was also

throwing up,
and chewing on EVERYTHING she could.

I was SO SURE that she was teething.
So I called the nurse and she insisted that it was too early and that she just though it was an ear infection.

She said to come in.
Our insurance just changed and co pays are now $40 and her 4 month appointment was in two weeks.

So I asked if there was anyway we could combine those because there was NO WAY I was going to pay $80 in a month. Especially because I was still so sure she was teething and didn't think she needed to go in. I just needed to know what to give her medicine wise!

She let me combine those so we went in yesterday.

Sure enough,

Dumb nurse.
haha I gotta say she is DANG LUCKY that they let me combine the appointments.
I would have been so mad if I lost $40 for them to tell me what I already knew!

Now comes the sad part.
Because it was her 4 month appointment they had to give her shots.

She was already upset and I really really didn't want them to.
I was SO CLOSE to turning them down because I didn't want her to be in anymore pain.

But I ended up giving in because they said I would have had to go back in two week.
I would rather just get it over with.

Needless to say,
when the nurse walked in,
I was already crying and she had to comfort ME!
I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. I hate seeing my baby in pain...and allowing her to be in even more pain is the hardest thing ever.

I'm not kidding when I say that that's the hardest part of being a mom.
I don't remember if I said that before,
but watching my child in pain...I would rather them give ME the dangs shots.

Long story short.
She did scream through the shots.
but they gave me the amount of Tylenol I needed to give her.
That has seemed to help a WHOLE BUNCH.

her Colic is still really bad in the morning until she finally falls asleep for her nap.
oh man I just hope she gets over this soon.
because seeing my baby in pain is the worst kind of torture.

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