Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Visit to the Zoo!

Today we decided to take Kali to the zoo.I was SO excited to take her and I wasn't disappointed when we went.

the Zoo is fun when you're a kid,
but watching how excited your OWN Kid gets when you go...
is so much better :)

She loved it.
and so did we!

Neither Tyson or I have been to the Zoo in a really long time.
It seriously is amazing to see some of those animals up close.

The greatest part was seeing Kali so mesmerized by the animals.
She liked them all,
but her favorite by FAR was the monkeys.

Every time we saw one,
she would stare at them forever as they would hang and jump from branch to branch.
We spent most of our time watching them.

They are pretty incredible.
It's awesome to see what they can do.

Here she is in action with one of her little new found friends:

and some pictures:
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You can't see Kali very well in this one cause she's laying down with a bottle ;)

I love my little family <3

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kali is 8 months old!

It's so weird to think.
I cannot even begin to understand where these last 8 months have gone.

It feels like last week that Kali took her first breaths and I saw her for the first time.
But at the same time,
I feel like she has always been in my life and I can't imagine how I survived without her cute little smile every day.

Her and her Daddy are seriously the ONLY things I live and breath for.
 How I survived without either or them,
I will never know.
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At 8 months old:
-She has almost figured out how to sign 'milk' with her little fist.  I just barely started teaching her last week. I should have done it earlier, but I kept forgetting to stick to it until just last week. She signs it every once in a while, but I don't think she understands what it means yet.

-She knows how to completely self feed now

-She claps

-She plays peek a boo
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-She covers her ears when I sing. haha

-She is very very high maintenanced

-She fake cries, more than she real cries and she thinks we believe her when she's faking it. haha

-She now sits in the real bathtub. We don't use her baby bathtub anymore *sniff*

-She takes at least 2 naps a day and if they're not AT LEAST an hour and a half long, she becomes little miss grumpy pants

-She [usually] sleeps about 13 hours a night; through the night

-She's well on her way to crawling and is constantly pulling herself to the crawling position.

-She is now completely, 100% daddys girl.

-She is beginning to tolerate her car seat...for the most part

We love you Kalista Jean!! <3<3

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas/New Year

First off,
Happy New Year!!
Last year was great,
the best part being the birth of our Beautiful Kali.

Now to making it another great year to remember!
Christmas was so fun!
definitely one of the best Christmases ever!

It all started with Kali's first Visit to Santa!
She absolutely LOVED him.
I was so happy to see her enjoy him so much.

When we first put her on his lap,
she just stared at him...
then she looked over  at us and began smiling really big!

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Complete with holding his fingers and all ;)
I sure love her.
Next was the Pixton Christmas party.
(Tyson's moms family)
Santa was there as well,
but I don't have a picture :(

I do Have Kali in her cute santa outfit though :)
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The month went on with,
My sister coming home for the Holidays from Texas!
We got together right after she got here,
and made chocolate covered Cake bites!
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so Delish.

Then on to the rest of the partys...
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With Santa at the DeMie Christmas Eve party.

/\ This was on Christmas Eve Eve.

On Christmas Eve,
we ended up at the Car Dealership...
and Tyson bought me my Christmas present!
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You have no idea how much I love this car!
Christmas was so much fun with Kali!
We had to wake her up early,
because we were going to my parents house for breakfast.

Here's how much Santa spoiled this child...
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She had so much fun!

The presents didn't stop there though...
We went to my parents house,
and she was overwhelmed with gifts there as well.

This was my favorite of the gifts they gave her.
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This horse sings and prances.
It's so cute.

My little sister also gave her a really cute santa dressed monkey.
That was my other favorite,
but I forgot to take a picture :S

Dustin, Andrea and Avery came over the day after Christmas,
and gave Kali 4 of the Original Christmas Classic movies.

I can't WAIT until she gets into movies more,
because I LOVED those growing up.

They also gave us a gift card to Zupas, which we used that day.

We had an INCREDIBLE Christmas!

I can't end without saying that I'm so grateful for the birth of Our Savior.
He's the real meaning of Christmas and I really felt the Spirit this year.
It was a wonderful month.


We just kept it low key for new years eve.
We spent the Evening with my parents with Pizza, Games and Movies.

Tyson and I made a New years Resolution this year that we started immediately.
We want to lose weight.

We're doing Isogenix.
It's SO tough,
but as long as I keep my eye on the prize,
I think I'll make it.

Tyson is doing way better than me :)

I'm going to make another 101 goals in 1001 days as well. 
I failed miserabely with the one I was doing on my other blog.

But I WILL do better with this one :)

That post to come...