Tuesday, November 13, 2012

18 months old

Kali is 18 months old!!
It's so crazy to think about!!

at 18 months Kali:

- is now officially in nursery and LOVES it btw
- has the wierdest fetish with toes I've ever seen. She's constantly trying to suck on everyones toes..it's weird. haha
- She says "Woah" "Wow" "spaghettios" but it sounds more like "sa-geg-o" haha "bye bye" "Opa" "baby" "what's that" "Lucy" (which is my parents dog name) and it sounds like "Seesee" "cheese!" when she sees the camera and lots of others words but I can't think of them all!
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- She can say "woof" like a dog "Meow" like a cat and "hoo hoo" like a monkey
- She loves taking baths
- She tries to sing to songs that she shakes it too

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- She loves drinking out of water bottles
- She's usually a VERY good listener and understands most of what we say to her
- She still doesn't understand who mommy is. She still thinks I'm Andee.
- She sleeps 12-14 hours a night!
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(she was a minion for halloween ;)
 - She is really good at keeping herself entertained and could play in her room for hours by herself!
- Gives the best kisses ever while even saying "Mah" when she does it!
- and she found out last month that she is going to be a big sister!!

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I'm just in awe with her. we love her so so much!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Funny Story ;)

A few weeks ago,
Tyson and I went to a Halloween party.
It was there that I began to realize that I was more on edge than normal.
When we were in the car on the way home,
My poor husband was bugging me.
For no reason at all.
He wasn't saying anything that would put me on the defensive,
he was in fact, in a good mood and was attempting to talk to me about the party.
I wasn't feeling very well, but that didn't have anything to do with why I was so on edge.
I tried my very best to not show him my annoyance to everything around me,
and when we got home, despite my nausea, I immediately left for work.
I was working a graveyard shift that night and had to be there by midnight.
As I was leaving our neighborhood I began really thinking about what was going on.
Although, in the past 3 weeks, I'd taken 5 pregnancy tests
(we started trying for a baby last month),
I decided I might as well stop at Smiths and grab a pregnancy test.
I was going to be a little early to work anyway and maybe that would help me understand why I was feeling this way!
After purchasing the pregnancy test,
I decided to just try to take one before heading back to work.
I went into the bathroom and attempted a test.
I didn't need to urinate because I had gone before I left my house.
haha. Despite my efforts I only was able to produce a few drops...which unfortunately left me with a pregnancy test that I was sure I had wasted.
Since I had two tests,
I just decided I would wait until later that night to take the last one.
I put the one I'd convinced I'd ruined back in it's wrapper and into the box and headed to work.
While sitting at a stoplight,
I decided I might as well see if the test had showed any results at all because MAYBE it hadn't registered any and I could still use it.
(I know..I'm weird..haha)
So I took the test out of the wrapper and to my complete and utter shock,
there was a clear + sign...
I began laughing hysterically because there was NO WAY that small amount of urine could produce a positive result. NO WAY!
So I called my good friend Andi, who had just had a baby herself and told her the story.
She insisted that there's no way you can get a false positive and that I was indeed pregnant.
I couldn't believe it!
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face because I really was convinced that I wasn't pregnant after the 5 negative tests I'd received!
A few hours after getting to work,
I had to use the restroom again so I took the second test and I'm not even kidding it didn't even take 30 seconds for that + sign to show up on the test yet again!
I was freaking out!!
I was so excited! haha.
It was now a Sunday morning and I couldn't WAIT to tell Tyson!!
There was no way I'd be able to keep it a secret for longer than 5 minutes after walking through our door so I came up with a plan before I got home.
I took Kali and had her color on a piece of paper.
I helped her write the words
"Guess what Daddy?!
I'm going to be a big sister"
on the paper and I had her give it to him.
Here's his response...

So I'm 9 weeks now and although I've been really sick, I haven't thrown up yet which is a record!
This pregnancy has been significantly different than the last two.
The last two I was throwing up from about 6 weeks until about 35 weeks.
I would be able to eat and when I craved stuff, I would really really want it, but I could eat other things as well.
THIS pregnancy,
I've been sick all day long, but I have yet to throw up.
I crave one or two specific things every day and those are the only things I can eat.
Anything else, and I mean ANYTHING else, makes me dry heave to just think about being around.
My senses are WAYY more heightened this time than they were with the other two.
I can't stand the smell of my house. like, even if it's the scent in our scentsy. BLEGH.
As of yesterday, I decided we are no longer cooking food in our house until my morning sickness is gone. I can't even go near the kitchen without dry heaving at the smell of what was just recently cooked...
haha but all I have to say is I'm not throwing up so that's good for me!!
My ten week Dr appointment is November 18th (I'll be pretty much 11 weeks by then by that's the earliest they can get me in!!)
We're so so excited to be parents of 2!
and I'm excited to see how Kali will do with a sibling :)