Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go vote fast!!

I don't know how many people read this blog...

But I really really really really would SOOO appreciate it if whoever comes across this site, goes to this link and like my daughters picture BEFORE July 4th 2012 :)

She's picture #244


Saturday, June 16, 2012

13 months

I just realized that I never posted Kali's 13 months!

It's been crazy lately,
PLUS I don't really have a computer of my own at the moment.

I'm at work right now and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity since it's 4 am and I have nothing better to do ;)

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At 13 months Kali,

- is extremely independent
- She won't eat anything unless she can feed herself.
-She only likes Bananas in the fruit category and is starting to wince at the sight of vegetables...awesome...
-She will only eat what we eat. She doesn't tolerate getting a different meal than us.
- She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror and could stare at herself for hours and be happy
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-She loves love LOVES water. Whether it be bath time, swimming, sprinklers or the faucet. It doesn't matter the temperature. She goes CRAZY
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-She is now to the point where she gets into EVERYTHING. When she's awake, I spend my time following her around picking up after her and taking E V E R Y   S I N G L E crumb on the ground out of her mouth.  
-It doesn't matter how clean I think the floor is, she'll find something to put in her mouth. 
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-She loves being outside. If we're inside all day she gets very irritable. Tyson and I have started going on walks almost every day after he comes home from her Wagon! It's most definitely one of her favorite times of the day.

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-She's very social .
-She will talk to anyone that will listen.
-She hates having her diaper changed
-She refuses to sit in a cart/stroller for very long. She insists on walking everywhere we go.
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-It's very apparent that she thinks she's a grown adult. When I'm talking with someone and we're laughing, Kali will join in and do a fake laugh and start talking in gibberish to join in on the conversation. haha it's so so cute.
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-She is definitely a baby that HAS to be the center of attention at all times. She needs to have some sort of acknowledgement that she's around....or she gets very angry.
-She dances to songs that we've taught her moves to
-She does her best to sing twinkle twinkle little star, singing "Twinkle" and "Star" loudly because she knows those words
-She loves to dance, sing and has a ear for music already.

We are absolutely in LOVE with her.
I seriously can't live without her. It's a known fact.


Friday, June 15, 2012

New home

After over 1 1/2 years of looking for a house,
we FINALLY found one!

We've been renting my sister and brother-in-laws house for the last year while they lived in Texas,
but they moved back last month.

So we moved in with my Aunt while we continued our 
[what felt like a] life long search for a house.

We seriously made offer after offer,
and for one reason or another they would ALWAYS fall through.

When we moved out of my Sisters house about a month ago,
we had what felt like our 200th offer in on a short sale.

We were hoping we'd hear back soon.
we absolutely LOVED this house and didn't see a reason for not getting it...

well, lo and behold,
our realtor called us three days after moving in with my aunt and told us that the sellers had decided to just rent the house out instead of sale it...


there was another house that we'd been looking at that was just around the corner from that house.
We really loved this one as well, so during the same phone call,
I asked our realtor to write up an offer on this house.

he called us back and they ACCEPTED the offer!

I couldn't even believe what I was hearing.
Was our search finally over??

Indeed it was.
We will be closing next week :)

Here's just a few pictures of our new home! 

Kitchen view from living room

Master bathroom

Master Closet

We're so excited to live here we can hardly even stand it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm addicted to my child

I need help.
I have an addiction.

I'm addicted to my daughter.
I'm not even kidding.
if I'm away from her for more than a couple of hours,
she's all I can think about and I can't WAIT to see her.

I work night shifts twice a week...
and I'm not kidding, after the first couple of hours,
I start to miss her SOO MUCH.
All I do is think about her.
I hate hate hate hate being away from her.

But that's the least of my problems.

It's even worse when I'm away from her during the day.
I mean...
at night she's sleeping the entire time.

But during the day,
it KILLS me to think about what I'm missing and I worry about her like crazy.
Unless she's with her dad,
it doesn't matter who she's with,
I have this anxiety.
I worry about whether or not she's okay...even though I NEVER leave her with anyone besides family.

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Does anyone else have this problem?
because I'm really worried that it's not going to get any better as she grows.

HOW am I going to be able to let her go to school during the day??
It will just kill me and all I will do all day long is worry about her.
Kids can be MEAN!
I don't want my baby experiencing that.

Even now if she's around little kids,
It's really hard for me to be okay with it when one of those kids are mean to her.
Obviously they're at an age where they are that way,
but Kali usually isn't.

She's such a friendly baby and wants to be everyones friend...
how is it okay to let her feel sad when someone is mean to her?

Somethings wrong with me here!
I need help dealing with this because I'm going to go crazy as she grows up.

I'm addicted to my baby.
I seriously love this little girl so much no words in the world can describe it.
I just LOVE her!!

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