Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 months old...

Although it pains me to say this,
Kalista is now 10 months old!

I don't want her turning one!!
She needs to stay little forever and ever...unfortunately,
I know that can't happen!!

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At 10 months old Kali
is a professional Crawler and crawls everywhere
says Dada, Daddy and mama
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screams really loud, just to see if you'll do it back
She LOVES walking with her walker!

She can now have a ponytail AND pigtails, nor does she cry when I do it
She still sings away when there is music on (at least she tries to)
is VERY high maintenanced
is way too spoiled for her own good.
loves going on walks
She loves sliding down the slide
loves swimming
loves to dance and 'shake her booty'
Shakes her head no to most things

She's getting too big!!!!