Friday, August 30, 2013

New Job

Our lives have been so crazy these last couple of weeks.

It all started a couple of months ago though. 
Tyson had been contemplating about whether or not being in the HVAC business was really something he wanted to do as a career or not.

He went back and forth A LOT. 
He talked about multiple different things and just couldn't decide.
One day though we were talking about it and we came to conclusion number one:

Whether he wants to go back to school to do something else,
or stay in Refrigeration and hopefully one day maybe start his own business,
he needed to make more money.

What he was making at the time, met our needs EXACTLY.
We weren't struggling to pay our bills,
but we also weren't making enough to put really anything in savings...and that's if he was working overtime EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

I would get frustrated because there would be times where I'd see him maybe 4 hours in a WEEK,
yet the money he was making would go right towards bills and we wouldn't get to have any to save or play with.  My husband needs a break man!!!

Also, if he wanted to go back to school, he wouldn't be able to work overtime which would mean we'd need a way to make up for the difference in income.

So after a lot of talking about it,
we decided that him finding another job that paid him better would be best.
Incredibly (but not surprisingly. My husband is kind of amazing.)
the first place he went to, he got and interview and the job right on the spot.

Not only that but the pay was significantly higher.
He wouldn't have to work overtime and we would STILL have money to put in savings.
we are so excited!

his current employer didn't respond to him in the way he'd hoped.
He really wanted to maintain a good relationship with them because they taught him so much.
He really appreciated all he'd learned from them, but when it came down to it, he needed more money.  His current employer wasn't willing to provide that so he had to find someone that would.  It was honestly a nightmare getting away from that job.  They did some pretty shady and unprofessional things to him which ended up with him deciding to leave that job earlier than he'd planned.

he didn't deserve to be treated the way they were treating him simply because he was leaving.  It wasn't anything personal towards them...he's just trying to make an honest living! 

So he went a whole week without work while his new job got everything together for him...which drove him crazy. haha 

He could not wait to go back to work.
His first day was yesterday and he came home in the best mood he's ever been in after work.
He LOVES this new job.  

We are SO excited for this new opportunity and I'm so so grateful for a husband that would do anything to provide for his family. He really is the hardest worker.  I love him so much!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kalista's 2 year Pictures and Hayleighs newborn

I know it takes me forEVER to post anything
Better late than never

Kalista's 2 year pictures:

I'm two!

Hayleigh's Newborns:
Sisters <3

Photos done my Elicia Launi photography.  She's my roomate from utah state and she's amazing!! Thank you so much Elicia! Both sessions were extremely difficult and I'm amazed at how many good ones you were able to get. 

That's talent. seriously.