Monday, September 9, 2013

Potty Training!

Kalista is {for the most part} potty trained.

before beginning this adventure I read three different books about potty training, then I chose the one that I thought would work best for Kali.

I was so incredibly nervous to start this.
My plan at first was to potty train her before Hayleigh was born. However after talking to a few different people, I was discouraged from doing so. Almost everyone said it would cause regression..which totally makes sense.  So I waited.

My doctor told me also that I would be able to tell when she was ready and that there would be a small time frame when she was ready, that would make the process easy. He said that if we missed it, it would make it about 10x harder. I started noticing signs that she was ready a few weeks before Hayleigh was born but I obviously wanted to wait until after, so I did.

we went shopping for everything the day before we started and I made sure to make it a huge deal with Kali, so that she would be excited about doing it. Obviously she was because once we got home she has a lot of fun playing with her toilet seat, "big girl wipes" and underwear! 


She caught on so quickly the first day! 
After only three hours, she understood how to tell when she needed to go.
Playing with the prize she got after telling me she needed to go and going in the potty without having an accident.

getting ready for the splash pad after not having an accident for a whole day!

 playing with her sister on day 2

I was so nervous about doing this...and I totally should have been!
She did really well at first...then randomly regressed for like 2 weeks.

It was extremely discouraging.
Now we are to the point where she does so awesome at home, but when we go out for longer than a few hours, she as an accident.

This has been the hardest thing. Seriously.
And if I could do it over, I would have done it before Hayleigh was born.
I don't know about you...but I would much rather deal with Regression (which she did anyway) than having to deal with trying to nurse, wipe her behind,  praise Kali and keep Hayleigh happy all at once. It was HARD!!

I'm so happy we're {hopefully} through the hardest part of this process!

*I wrote this whole thing on my sorry if there's any errors!!