Monday, August 22, 2011

30 DC #10

10. your view on drugs and alcohol.

I strongly believe that if someone does drugs or consumes alcohol before at least age 21,
it affects their brain a whole lot more.

I heard somewhere that if affects the frontal lobe,
which affects the decision making part of your brain.

I think drugs are stupid no matter what and that people that do that are seriously screwing up the rest of their lives.
My little brothers birth mother did drugs. They took over her life which resulted in not only her getting her kids taken from her, but my brothers were affected from it forever.

Same with Tysons birth mother.
Drugs are so powerful that they can do that to someone.
What person in their right mind, would choose something over their kids?

Drugs ruin lives.
I've seen it happen to those closest to me.

As far as Alcohol goes,
I don't drink.
I never have because it's against my values.

I think that as long as people that do it, do it responsibly and don't get drunk...and then DRIVE,
I'm not going to criticize them for it.
I don't do it, but as long as those that do it, don't affect others with it and don't become addicted, or take lives by drinking and driving,
then they can do what they want :)

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