Thursday, August 4, 2011

House/Almost finished Nursery Pictures

Okay so I took some pictures of my house!
The Nursery isn't quite finished yet,
but it's close enough.
I still need to get a curtain for her window and hopefully stain/get a matching crib.
But here we go.
Let me take you on a tour!
Let's start with the...

Living room.

This is what you see when you're standing at the front door.
(The blinds are closed because when they're open, it's so light that you can't take a picture. I LOVE how much light there is in this house)

This is our TV :)
It's like a mini theater!
Yes, Projector included and all.


Doors to the Balcony.
The view out there is BEAUTIFUL!
One day, I will try to take a picture.

That window is open, so sorry about the glare.
and don't mind Kali's swing just hanging out.
It was the best place to put it to keep it out of the way!
I just realized on of the cupboards are open.
So please do your best to ignore it ;)

As you can see,
I am SOO far from finished with Decorating the top of the cabinets.
If anyone has suggestions,
I'm open to them!

That door to the left leads to the Laundry room.
I didn't take a picture because it's the laundry room...haha
and I forgot.

let's turn back around and go to the..

Half Bath/Guest Bathroom

Yes, I know you all were just dying to see the toilet...

let's head downstairs...


Walking backwards...haha

Master Bedroom

Sorry about the blurry picture.
Again, it's because of the light.

Turn to your right and we have,
The bed.
Let me tell you something about this comforter.

This is an old one that I had before we got married.
We bought a new one when we moved in that was SOO cute and matched perfectly with the bed.

last week Kali puked all over it.
really. It was everywhere.
So I,
being the genius that I am decided to put it in the washing machine.
Needless to say,
we no longer have that comforter.
Such a waste of money and made me sick.

Anyway, moving on.
If you turn around you will see...
My Vanity.
When we moved in,
Tyson was so excited about having two vanities
(you will see his in a bit)
He hates sharing one when we are both getting ready at once and he made it very clear that this was mine and the other one was his.

haha The only time I use his is when I'm brushing my teeth.
This is his favorite part of the house. quite frankly, I don't blame him.
turn to your right and you have...
The Closet :)

and turn back around to your left and you have the...
Full Bathroom
The bathroom has Tysons Vanity.

This bathroom can be entered through the bedroom, OR the hallway.

Now let's head on over to Kali's Nursery...

That door to the left is the storage room under the stairs.
No I didn't take a picture of that either.
I didn't's just...the storage room!




Her Crib.
Like I said,
I need it to match her other furniture.
But we got this for FREE so I'm not going to complain :)

Turn around and you will see...
Her Closet and Bows

Opening her Closet,
You'll see how many clothes she has!
Spoiled girl.
Her Toy Box,
and Finally,
Her Bows!

As you see,
her nursery is just super super simple.

NOTHING like I had planned before,
but I'm really not about wasting money on it.
So this is good enough for me!!

That sums up the tour of our lovely home!
We love it here and feel so so SO incredibly blessed to have what we have.

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