Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 DC #27

27. talk about your siblings.

I've got a lot of siblings.
It's crazy I tell you.

NO we are not polygamist.
Just in case you were wondering ;)

Let me go Oldest to Youngest.


My Irish Twin ;)
She just turned 23 and her and her husband Blake moved to Texas in the beginning of August.
I miss them, but also envy them immensley...Tyson does even more.
Tyson served his mission in Texas and has wanted to live there ever since.

BreeAnn and I couldn't be more opposite.
I swear we are completely different in every way.
She has brown hair I have blonde hair.
She has brown eyes I have blue eyes.
She has tan skin I have WHITE skin.
I'm WAY OCD organized and she's more laid back and takes things as they come.

haha it's funny.
I love her and miss her.


Emilee is almost 20.
That's weird.

She's currently going to Utah state.
Emilee is probably the peacemaker of the family.
She was also Tysons friend before we started dating...and still even after we broke up before his mission.

That made things kinda awkward when he would come over after we broke up...

I miss her in Logan.
We will go visit her soon!

Kaitlyn is a Junior in high school.
She'll be 17 in February.
She is in love with every guy that walks by and dangerously looks way too old for her age.'

Not good!

She is my babysitter and babysits Kali almost every week.
She makes it so Tyson and I can still go on our dates!


He is 14 years old.
Will be 15 in October.
We all just discovered recently that Dallin is a huge ladies man.
the poor guy just got braces.

Hopefully that will keep the girls off of him until he's 16.


He is 9 years old
Caseys nickname is 'Dennis the Menace'.

They are like two peas in a pod.
He is always finding a way to get in trouble.

He is a funny kid and loves being an uncle.
he has made it very clear that he wants to go by Uncle Case.

He's getting way to big.


He is 6 years old!
also getting WAY too big.
Joey is the clown of the bunch.
He makes me laugh whenever he is around.

He has also made it clear that he wants to go by Uncle Joe.
He will always be my baby brother no matter how old he gets.

If he could,
he would sit in front of the TV all day.

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