Monday, August 15, 2011

30 DC #5

5. five things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.
Same Sex:
1.  I cannot stand when someone LOVES drama. seriously. A girl that is always looking for some type of drama in her life drives me crazy.
2. How Obsessed Women are with being skinny. I'm one of them and it's because the rest of the world puts such a light on it. It's because of this messed up media that makes me feel so self conscious all of the time!
3. Girls that flirt with my husband! :) haha
4. Gossip. That is the main reason I quit my job at the hospital. If someone doesn't like me, I'd prefer they tell me to my face. Yes I know that I am guilty of gossiping sometimes, but USUALLY I tell someone right to their face how I feel about them. So if I'm talking about them to someone else, it's because they already know what I think. I don't care if people talk about me, as long as they have already talked to me about it and I know how they feel. Because talking to me about it, will usually solve the problem and then they will have no reason to gossip. yeah. pretty much, I can't stand people like that and everyone that works at the hospital that does that, I know who you are so if you read my blog, don't think I can't see right through you. I would name a couple of people off, but I won't. for their sake.
5. Cliques. Why can't we all just be friend!? let's get out of high school.

Opposite Sex:
1. I'm not a fan of men who don't know how to show sympathy. If a girl is upset, comfort them. Don't just act like their being a baby. be UNDERSTANDING.
2. Men who don't know how to comfort a woman when she's sad
3. Forgetting Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other special occasion. This includes remembering the day, but failing to give them a gift that shows them that you care at all.
4. Guys that sniff and then spit their loogeys. blugh. I dry heave just thinking about it. (no I do not know how to spell loogeys. haha) even if they don't spit, that whole snorting thing disgusts me.
5. Guys that don't respect women. As in hit them, talk down to them, or act better than them.
Be a gentleman you men! Treat a woman with respect.

glad I married a man that either never does this stuff, or has learned from his mistakes when he has done them. Yes he's done a couple of these, but not all! haha
I love you Tyson. 

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