Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 DC #18

18. disrespecting parents.

I really really don't think I get this question.
It's so dang Vague!

I'm guessing it's asking,
How I feel about people who disrespect parents?

Here's my take on that.

When you are a child all the way up until when you are married and on your own,
you should respect your parents 100%.

I know I'm guilty of not doing that throughout some of my life.
But aren't we all right?

Once you are an adult, married and on your own,
I think that it needs to be both ways.

You should respect your parents, but they should respect you as well.
It needs to be a different kind of relationship at that point because they no longer are paying for your life! haha
Of course you should understand everything they've done for you throughout your life, but you are also an adult. They need to understand that as well and know that in order to maintain your relationship, respect needs to go both ways!

I hear about this a lot.
I'm understanding it more as I get older. 

Hopefully Kali and I will be able to figure this out early in our relationship!
Especially once she becomes a teenager. 

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