Friday, August 5, 2011

Harry Potter Freaks.

Today is my older sister BreeAnns Birthday.
her and my Brother-in-Law moved to Texas a couple weeks ago.
It's been quite sad.
But because of this,
we celebrated her Birthday with her before they left.
My mom asked her what she wanted to do
let's just say my sister is a freak when it comes to Harry Potter.
I'm not kidding.
She told my mom that she wanted to go see Harry Potter with all of us.
and then my mom decided she would make it a party and made a Harry Potter meal as well!

The night before,
we received a text from BreeAnn saying that she was expecting us to dress for the occasion.

We don't really have the harry potter wardrobe stuff so I Just did that best I could with what we have.
I put this picture in another post,
but this is what I put Kali in:

They're striped Tights right??
Then we bought Tyson some round Harry Potter glasses,
and I just had my hair in pigtails and was going to take them out when we went to the movie, so that it would be curly like Hermoine.

My sister had something else in mind.
When we got to their house, we turned the corner,
and they were all sitting at the table in crazy people costumes!

We sat down to the following for dinner,
mashed potatoes,
(I don't know why, but this was the only thing I took a picture of)

Black Licorice with the tip dipped in white chocolate
(for our wands)

Homemade chocolate covered frogs
and worms

and Finally,
if any of you are Harry Potter fans,
you'll remember the cake the Hagrid made Harry in I believe it was the first book.

that was my sisters Cake.
They just Wrote Harry, then put an X through it and wrote BreeAnn underneath it.

It was a pretty cool party if I do say so myself.
Then my sister brought out a purple wig
(so that I could be Tonks)
and brought Tyson out a Tie
(so he could have more of the harry potter look)
and I was given a cape...which was the closest thing to a robe they could find.

after taking my eyeliner and making a lightning mark on Tyson and my brothers foreheads
(they were both Harry),
I decided to draw one on Kali's as well!


and you have the Harry Potter freak Family

From left to right:
Hermoine Granger (Emilee), Luna Lovegood (Kaitlyn), Lucius Malfoy (Dad), Draco Malfoy (Casey), Bellatrix (Mom), Snape (BreeAnn), Madeye Moody (Blake), Tonks (Me), Harry's Daughter (Kali), Harry Potter (Tyson), Harry Potter (Dallin)

Remind me to NEVER EVER let my hair be that short IRL.

Although I thought this was all pretty cool and creative,
BreeAnn said we all had to go see the MOVIE like this.

This was 4 days after the midnight showing.
So we had to go to the movie theater,
4 days late,
all dressed up as freaks!

To make matters worse,
no one waited for Tyson and me when we were getting our drinks.
So we were just standing there as a family and then...I SPILLED my drink all over the place!

I ended up taking that wig off and trying to disappear
(where was my invisiblity cloak?)

it was cool.
We went back for the cake afterwards and we decided to put Tysons glasses on Kali...

Pretty sure she played the part!

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