Saturday, September 3, 2011

My life should be a sitcom.

like at least once a week,
I seriosly consider calling TBS or something to see if they want to make more money.

Why you ask?
Because they would make BANK
by recording my everyday life.

haha seriously.
if it's not one thing, it's another these days.
I can't say I absolutely hate does make my life quite entertaining.

I can guarantee you that the world would greatly enjoy watching my stupidity, drama and mishaps in my everyday life.

Like tonight for example.
Tyson and I were trying to think of a fun inexpensive date night.
We (as in I) came up with the brilliant idea to ride trax and frontrunner
from daybreak (which is about 5 minutes from our house),
to Farmington were my Oma is.

I needed to take care of her and I thought it would be fun and enjoyable if we just included it into our date.
haha. My Oma LOVES Tyson anyway.

So around 6:00 I started looking for a babysitter.
(yeah I'm prepared right? Already six?)
 I would have planned this earlier except I've had strep throat all week and was just getting over it today.
 I didn't even start feeling better until about 5:30.

Mistake #1:
I just expected my little sister to be able to babysit.
She's been able to every time so I figured it would be easy to get her.

I called her and she said she wasn't feeling very well.

I had to find someone else.
My parents date night is friday too so they couldn't watch her.

remembering that Keltsons mom had been offering to babysit since before Kali was even born,
I gave her a call.

She willingly and generously said yes and agreed to start at 7:00.
We were late getting there and probably didn't leave until about 7:30.

Mistake #2:
we decided we would grab some quick dinner before boarding the train.
we grabbed subway..and ate it AT SUBWAY.

Mistake #3:
We didn't plan which trains we would catch at which times.
we just hopped on the first ones there.
Which resulted in my uncle having to pick us up at the frontrunner train so that we could get there before my Oma went to bed.

Mistake #4:
expecting to be to frontrunner at the minute we wanted...we weren't...and we missed the train we needed to get on in order to make it home.

We caught the last frontrunner train at 10:45 to Salt Lake.
We caught the VERY last trax train heading south.
It stopped at Murray.
The train we needed to be on was the one just in front of the one we were on.

we got off and were stranded.
35 minutes away from my parents house,
our car,
and Kali.

We told Amara (keltsons mom) that we wouldn't be any later than 10:30...
it was now midnight.

with no other option,
we had to wake my dad up,
he had to DRIVE out to Murray and pick us up and take us to our car.

Tyson and I decided to meet him at the olive garden so he wouldn't have to drive AS FAR.

we're sitting in front of Olive Garden,
listening the italian music,
on the bench,
in the dark,
it's chili...and we are in summer clothes.

It was lovely.
we sat there not speaking for about 5 minutes because both of us were stressing out.
and when I stress out...I shouldn't speak.

Eventually we lightened a bit and started joking around to lighten our stress...
we talked about the wierdest things I just realized...

My dad (our hero of the evening)
drove us back to our car and by 12:45 we finally picked Kali up.

So let's see.
We owe Amara like our lives for dealing with our major lie of being home by 10:30. We were two hours and 15 minutes LATE,

We owe my Dad my life for dealing with me. Yeah dad, you thought you got rid of my midnight calls after I got married didn't you? THINK AGAIN! haha

and We owe my uncle for picking us up in Salt Lake

What we thought was going to be an inexpensive date,
just got a whole lot more expensive!

Note to self:
do NOT rely on a train to get you where you need to go when you haven't planned out the route.


  1. If I lived in Utah I would totally trade babysitting with you....

  2. Oh my! Similar experience in NYC, on the subway. Just no kids. And it was my mother & me. Lol.