Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kalista is 4 months old!

It's so hard to believe that she's already 4 months old!
I've got mixed emotions here. Sometimes I just want her to stay little FOREVERR.
At 4 months old Kali:
--Loves watching T.V.



--LOVES looking at herself in the mirror

She would do it all day if I let her. at least she knows she's cute right?

--Talks and Coo's all of the time.

--Will play with some of her Toys now


-- LOVES sitting outside.
I don't know if it's the heat, the scenery, the noises, or all three. But she could also do that all day.
It's probably one of the quickest ways to get her to fall asleep too.
If we could, I wouldn't mind sitting out there all day either. :-)


--Falls asleep quicker in a mans arms than she will in a womans.
on the day of her blessing, she was really fussy and I swear everyone was taking her out.
But it was like me or my sisters.

Tysons dad took her and walked to the back of the chapel,
within minutes she was sound asleep in his arms.
I wish SO badly we had gotten a picture. It was seriously the sweetest picture ever.

Same thing happens with my dad.
He'll hold her and she will be asleep almost immediately
It's happened more than once.
Tyson is holding her in this picture.
She had been really fussy all day and Tyson came home from work and picked her up and cuddled her on the couch.
She was asleep within minutes.

I loved how she had her hand on his. So I took a picture :)

--Has started rolling over! 
She hasn't mastered it yet...but she'll do it if she's in a good mood!
(now is a good time to show you how much she spits up. In this video, you will see four spots on the sheet. This is proof that no matter how much I wash all of our stuff, they will always have spit up marks on them, because she is ALWAYS spitting up! haha )

--HATES her car seat now. 
yeah. it's horrible.
She used to LOVE it, but now she'll cry every time we put her in it. 
NOT FUN! haha

and Finally,
--She Loves music.
Her favorite thing you can do when you're playing with her is start singing to her. 
she just stares at you and smiles.'s not common that she will stare at one thing for longer than 10 seconds! 
She loves songs that have actions to them. 

When we're in the car and she is crying,
if we turn up the music, 98% of the time, 
she'll stop crying and end up being asleep when we get to our destination :)

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