Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sweet Hospital

The last few weeks have been ridiculous to say the least.
I swear it's been just one thing after another.

I have come to the realization that the Hospital is our second home.

Let me start off with explaining why I've been MIA as of late.

Our computer broke.
Sad story. I am so sad about it.
We don't want to get a new one until we can get a MAC.

I'm SOOO done with HP.

We're $300 dollars away from it.

We're trying to sell our 1998 Chevy Lumina.
That will help us get that extra $300 quick!

If you are looking to buy a car,
email me and I'll give you some more info!

It's a great car and runs like a champ.
We just don't need it anymore.

Back to the Hospital stuff.
The day our computer broke,
Tyson cut his finger open.
[Before you go any further, I am posting the picture on here. So if you don't want to see what his poor pinky looked like, scroll past the first pic ;)]

It was about 11:00 P.M when this happened
and when I came downstairs, there was blood all over the bathroom.
[for his sake, I won't go in to detail on how this happened. He would be mad at me. ha]

I almost had a heart attack.
I thought my husband was bleeding to death. haha

Then, when I realized it was his finger,
I calmed down a little...but it still freaked me out!

I had to get Kali out of her Crib and we made a late night trip to the ER.

Now, here are the pictures:

Before the stitches.
After the stitches.

Luckily, Kali slept through the entire visit.
We got home at 3:00 AM and instead of going right to bed,
we had some cleaning up to do.

There was blood EVERYWHERE. haha
Everywhere he went before getting in the car, blood followed.

he ended up getting eight stitches.
and they stitched up the vein that was squirting out all the blood as well ;)
graphic words? Yes.

Not even Five days later,
Kali started getting a fever.
By 5 am, she woke up with a fever of 103.

another trip to the ER.

Remember how I said she was really Colicky?
She's not.

They found out in the ER that she had a UTI
 (Urinary Tract Infection)

They sent us on our way with a Prescription for Antibiotics.
within a few days,
Kali was a totally different baby.

She's been so happy and laughs WAY more now.
She only cries when she's tired or Hungry....or going to the bathroom. [more on that later as well]
It's apparant to me that she's had the UTI for WAY longer than she had the fever.

Not gonna lie,
I was feeling really bitter towards her Pediatrician and all the people that were saying she was colicky.
I KNEW there was something else going on. I could tell.
Which is why I kept taking her to the Dr.

a couple of weeks after the ER visit,
(this last tuesday),
Her Pediatrician called and said that the ER told him about her visit and he highly recommended that we go in to Primary Childrens to get her an Ultrasound and X-Ray.

He said 30-50% of the infants that get UTI's have something called Vesicoureteral Reflux,
which happens when Kali pushes to pee, or if she has a full bladder, some of the Urine goes back up to the kidneys, which brings more bacteria into the kidneys and when she gets infection, that can cause even more problems in the kidneys.

BACK to the hospital we go.
Her appointment was yesterday.

They did the Ultrasound and Kali was good until they turned her to her tummy.
she HATES being on her Tummy. She screamed her head off until they were all done.
That was supposed to be the easy part!

Next was the X-Ray.
What they had to do was put in a catheter and insert some Dye into her bladder so that it would show up on the X-ray.
That was supposed to be the part she screamed.
She was SO good through the entire procedure.
It was then that I realized that Kalista is a TOUGH little girl,
she is just DANG spoiled. haha

the girl explained to me what would happen if she did have reflux.
You would see it draining to her kidneys.

Sure enough,
the second she started to insert the dye,
you could see it moving back up towards the kidneys.

and Kali would not pee it back out. 
Poor girl. It hurts her to pee, so she was holding it in. 

When the radiologist came in to look at it she explained some more.
They rate the severity between a 1-5.
1 being the lowest where they would just need to give her antibiotics for a while and 5 being where they would need to go in and do surgery.

She said by looking at it right there, it looked like she was at a 3.
She said we would most likely just need to give her an antibiotic for a year and then re-evaluate.

A couple of hours later ,
Her pediatrician called and said the Radiologist had reviewed the X-ray and had decided to move her left Kidney up to a Level 4. Her Right was still at a 3.

he gave us antibiotics and referred us to a Urologist who will determine whether or not she will need surgery or want to do the tests again in a few months.

I'm so nervous.
I've had such mixed emotions.
one minute I'm crying and the next I'm so grateful they caught it early.

My aunt had these same problems when she was little,
they didn't catch it in time and she lost a kidney.
I'm SO grateful they caught it early, I just really am not looking forward to hearing that she'll have to have surgery. The Dr thinks that is most likely what will happen.

How am I going to be able to let them just take my baby, sedate her and cause her pain?
I wish SO MUCH that I could do it for her.

The appointment with the Urologist isn't until October 26th either.
Which means I have almost an entire month to anticipate this.
We just started her on Antibiotics today. I hope those will help her feel better at least.


  1. How awful! Poor baby and poor mama :( let's pray they'll have good news for you!

  2. We are all praying for our beautiful Kali! ...and so grateful for doctors and mothers intuition :)

  3. Bless her heart! I will pray for her Andee. And ouch to your hubby. Hope it gets better. Glad you caught the Kidney issue ahead of time.

    Also, $300 for your car? How many miles? Would it make it back to NC? Seriously!

  4. Crystal, we're selling it for $1200, but we just need $300 more to buy the computer we want! haha it would make it back to NC. It's a GREAT car. But no we aren't selling it for $300 sorry that was confusing