Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am so blessed

Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks.
Just one more week until I can start TRYING to get her to come.

It's been kinda rough the past few days.
This stage of the pregnancy is the EXTREMELY uncomfortable stage.

Now let me tell you,
I would prefer this over the nausea and vomitting ANY DAY!
I think this trimester is the best so far.

that does not mean that I don't get EXTREMELY irritable at times.

I seriously feel like ripping my hair out someimes because
a- I can't sleep
b- It doesn't matter which way I'm sitting/standing/laying, I am ALWAYS uncomfortable.

I'm one of those people that need comfort.
Like, I would prefer to NOT wear heels and be comfortable, then to wear heels and get blisters and have uncomfortable feet.

But when it all comes down to it,
the emotion I've been feeling the most lately is pure EXCITEMENT.
Because of this, my impatient personality is getting the best of me!!

Let me just kinda give you a run down some moments I've had this past week.
I worked a regular 12 hour shift on Friday
(btw, thanks to HR, my boss has [mostly] backed off)

because Tyson doesn't have school on Fridays,
he gets home before me.

When I got home,
The house was clean and when I went into our bedroom I found this on the bed:

I love suprises like this.
My husband works all day and then comes home, cleans the house and gives me THIS!

We went on a date that night with Stefanie and her husband
and then I couldn't WAIT to go to bed because I was so anxious for the next day.
I was having my first baby shower! :):)

When I woke up,
Tyson was already out of bed.
I could smell breakfast cooking and envied my siblings upstairs.
They were getting some yummy breakfast by the smells of it!

I wasn't sure where Tyson was, but I just got out of bed and started getting ready for the baby shower.

When I was about done with my hair,
the bathroom door opens, Tyson is holding a spatula and says
"Breakfast is about ready"

He made me breakfast! That's what I was smelling!
I quickly finished my hair and went into the kitchen.
He had made the most DELICIOUS breakfast I've had in a long time...and he cleaned it up too!

I love my husband.
He's so good to me and treats me so dang well!

My baby shower went so great!
Thanks to my incredible visiting teachers,
it turned out so cute!

The decorations were so cute and creative.
The refreshement table was my favorite:

Isn't that the cutest cupcake idea ever??

We got so many gifts there!
It was so fun.

I was texting Tyson through the whole thing,
telling him the gifts we were getting and sending him pictures of the ones he wanted to see.

After I sent him one of the last pictures
(which was a picture of a swimsuit for Kali),
He said this

"That is WAY CUTE! All of is stuff is making me excited. I can't wait Andee :) I'm feeling really funny inside.."

haha I laughed forever after reading that last part.
I LOVE how excited he is.
I then showed my mom the text and she took the liberty of reading it out loud to everyone
(SHH don't tell Tyson...he doesn't know I've been sharing it with people. haha)

the rest of that day pretty much involved us organizing Kali's stuff.
It's getting quite crowded in this room!!

On Sunday,
I had to work :(
I only had to work 8 hours this time though and was off at 3pm.

Tyson and I decided to go visit my Oma that day and drove out to Farmington.
I had been having contractions all day,
but they weren't really consistent or close together.
while we were visiting with my Aunt,
They got really bad.

To the point where I wanted to cry.

We ended up leaving and going to the hospital on the way home.
I was trying to decide whether or not we should.
I kept going back and forth on my decision, but decided that I'd rather be safe than sorry!

We got there, they admit me to a room and sure enough, for the second time, I was contracting.
(I don't remember if I posted about this, but I was in the hospital at the beginning of April too...the day after my Opa died. I was contracting then as well.)

They wanted to give me the shot they gave me at the beginning of April..But I kinda refused.
I HATED the way that shot made me feel last time and I really didn't want to get it again.
They said that was fine and they understood and they would give me a morphine and phenegren shot instead.

I said okay...but at the same time was disappointed that they had to stop it.
like I said, my impatient personality is getting the best of me!!

After that, the contractions got worse for about a half hour,
and then after that they completely left and I fell asleep....
That morphine totally wiped me out.

I was completely out of it after that, but the contractions were gone and they sent me home.
We got home around midnight..and I had to wake up at 5:30 for work.

I cannot tell you how miserable of a day of work was!
I have NEVER been so tired during work in my LIFE.
I really don't know how I made it through.

A lady I work with that I love,
threw me a baby shower yesterday as well.
We got some more gifts and I hope she knew how grateful I was!!

When I got home,
(which I'm not sure how i was able to drive home without falling asleep)
I went to bed.

I got home around nine and I slept until 8:30 this morning.
I can't believe how long I slept!

I've hardly seen Tyson though.
He had school yesterday until 10 pm and had to wake up this morning at 3 am!!
He's such a busy hard workin man!

Good thing I don't work today and I get to see him tonight when he gets off work..cause he only has school twice a week!

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  1. Sounds like you are so amazingly blessed. How sweet that he wanted to see what you were getting. Oh!!! Sounds like he is going to be an amazing daddy. (have to whisper since you don't want him to know that you shared his text :O)) Love what he said about the getting excited. Just wait till he holds that baby girl...he is going to be floating!!! Won't be a dry eye in the room. Just makes me smile....so happy for you both...might sound odd since I only know you through reading your blogs...but you are such an amazing young lady. Glad that you found your prince and now...you are going to soon meet your very special blessing from God. She is going to be a very loved baby. :O)