Monday, May 23, 2011

WC #3

3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that... etc.

like I said before,
we were planning the wedding before he actually proposed.

the story is still perfect and the way he did it couldn't have been any better.

It was July 3rd 2010.
We were celebrating Independence Day that day since July 4th is a Sunday and we live in Utah! :)

We were having a BBQ that day and then were going to go to the park and watch the fireworks,
which has become sort of a family tradition for us.
I knew Tyson had the ring.
He's not very good at keeping secrets and I figured it out the day before that he had gone and picked it up.

I told him that I just really wanted the ring.
I was being really impatient and couldn't wait!

He wouldn't give in and said that I had to wait until he actually proposed.

While we were having the Barbecue,
my mom told me that she wanted to go hiking with the family the next day.
She said that we were all going to go.

I didn't want to because it was obvoius WHY she wanted to do it.
I made her aware that she couldn't make it more obvoius and told her that I wasn't going.
I didn't want to because I thought it would be cheesy if I KNEW when he was going to propose.

Then I told my sister to tell Tyson to just propose that night instead since I already knew he was going to propose.
I was a brat! haha.

they all did a really good job at convincing me that he was going to do it the next day.
I was pretty bugged with it and almost didn't even go watch the fireworks.

they talked me into going.

I had hopes that he would propose while we were there.
It was on my wish list,
but everyone seemed really nonchalant about everything and I didn't feel anything in Tyson's pocket.

I kind of gave up on the hoping that he would propose that night.

about 15 minutes after we got there Tyson told me he had to go to the bathroom.
He got up and was back in about 5 minutes.
about 5 minutes after THAT, I had to go to the bathroom.

I turned and asked him where the bathroom was.
He pointed off somewhere and I didn't see anything where he was pointing.
I was really confused and told him I couldn't see it.

He eventually said
"well they were really gross. Just go to the gas station over there"
and he pointed behind us.

Not thinking much of it,
I said okay and got up and headed towards the bathroom.

On the way,
my cousin had just gotten there and was walking in.
I started talking to him, then showed him where everyone was sitting and looked towards them.

Tyson was staring at me and ushered for me to hurry.

I thought that was kinda strange but honestly didn't think anything of that either.
I went to the gas station and when I got there the line was SUPER long.
I stood there for a few minutes and then decided I was just going to wait because I didn't want to miss the beginning of the fireworks and was probably going to.

I headed back to our blankets.
When I got back I explained to him that the line was long so I was just going to wait.
about 2 minutes after getting back,
the guy comes on the intercom out by the fireworks and says
"Can I get Ernesto Aguirre to come up here please?"
(keep in mind that he didn't change his name to Tyson until like...2 weeks before we got married. So he's still Ernesto at this point)

For approximately 2 seconds,
I was like "why is he calling your name?"

and then it hit me.
I knew why.
and Tyson stood up, and started walking out into the field where the intercom was.

I all of the sudden didn't know what to do.
I just sat there in kind of a shock...all of these emotions were going through my head.
I was embarrassed because I knew I was going to have to go out there and for some reason a wave of being shy came over me.
I was excited because this meant I FINALLY got to see my ring.
and obviously I was excited because we could OFFICIALLY say we were engaged now.

When he got to the Microphone he said "Andee will you come up here please?"
I stood up and shyly walked out into the field just as a golf cart came speeding up.
They guy told me to jump in and he would drive me there (it was kind of a far walk considering they needed to start the fireworks show).
I got in and said to him "this is embarrassing"
when I look back now, he probably thought that was really bratty of me.
He said "it's cool though isn't it?"
I replied yeah, but I honestly was just being shy for some reason!

i'm not a shy person but I felt that way here.
really vulnerable.

When I finally got up there,
Tyson gave this really cute speech about how much he loves me and then he asked me to marry him.

He FINALLY opened the ring and showed it to me.
I was SO in love with it the minute I saw it and couldn't stop staring.

I said yes,
but not in the microphone.

Obviously Tyson knew my answer anyway!
haha so he said "say it again in the microphone"

so I said "Yeah..."
It didn't sound enthusiastic.
I didn't sound like I wanted to marry him at all.

THANKS A LOT to my DUMB self. For some reason I HAD TO BE SHY AT THE MINUTE!!

I know that a lot of people thought I was probably a brat..I was just suprised, excited and shy!
after that, they gave Tyson a golf cart to drive back to our spot and then the fireworks began!!

It was actually quite romantic...
if only I hadn't acted so dumb!

This was taken right before the fireworks began!

So if it's asking how long we were engaged after I received the was like a month and a half.
but we'd been engaged and planning the wedding about 3 months!

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