Friday, May 13, 2011

Car Accident = baby??

Tuesday was an interesting day.
That morning I woke up, worrying that my water may have broken.
I didn't think it broke all of the way but I felt like I was leaking fluid.
I called the Dr,
and they told me to come in and get checked.
I went in and my Dr checked me and he said that my water had not broken.
(embarrassing right:? ;))
He then told me that I was dilated to a one still.

I left and went to an Adoption presentation at a Jr. High with my mom and Andrea.

After that,
I ran to wal mart because our changing table that I ordered on line had arrived,
I dropped it off at home and Tyson started setting it up,
while I left to meet my cousin at the grocery store to do some couponing!

After spending $8, for $60 worth of stuff,
I went home and we rearranged our room, cleaned it and finally got it organized for Kalista!

All I had to do now was clean the kitchen and our little apartment would be clean!
before I started on that,
I realized that I had told my Oma we would go visit her!

She lives 45 minutes away and it was already 7 o'clock.

Tyson and I decided we would go right away and I said I'd clean the Kitchen the next day
(since he had work and I did not!)

We went and visited my Oma and decided to leave around 9:10.
When we were pulling out of the Driveway,
a lady I work with called and told me that her Daughter and Son-in-Law were moving out of state and they had a lot of baby stuff that they needed to get rid of.  She asked me if I was interested in picking some stuff out!

I of COURSE jumped on that and she said we needed to go there right then because they were taking everything else to the D.I. that next morning.

So I grabbed the address and Tyson and I decided to make a detour going home.
When we got off the freeway,
we were in deep conversation while he was driving .

When I realized that this next light we were pulling up to was where we needed to turn right, I told Tyson.

He didn't hear me so I said louder,
"Tyson we need to turn right here."

Without even looking,
he swerved to the right to get in the right lane...
and there was a SUV in our blind spot.

I screamed his name
(because he drives like this ALL of the time and we have been in many arguements about it btw)
But it was too late.

My side smashed into the SUV's front left.
Tyson swerved out of the way after hitting it while slamming on his breaks and almost hit the car in front of us. He BARELY missed.

We finally came to a stop on the side of the road behind the SUV.
I was in shock and bawling by the time we stopped.

Tyson knew he was in trouble.
I was SOOOO mad at him.
He grabbed me and hugged me and asked me 100 times if I was okay.

I couldn't respond because I was shaking so hard and crying.
I was okay. I wasn't hurting anywhere, but I was SOO mad.
I finally said yes and he grabbed our insurance info and got out of the car to face the SUV driver.
All I could think about was how much Money this was going to cost.
There goes selling this car and buying a 4 door,
There goes at least half of the down payment for a new car.
The paramedics and police were there in no time.
The people in the SUV were okay, but the girl in the passenger seat was also pregnant.

Not quite as far along as me, but she was pregnant.

a couple of the paramedics came to my door and asked if I was okay.
I said I was and they asked me how far along I was.
I replied almost 37 weeks.
They asked me if I would be okay going to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay.
I didn't want to. I knew everything was because I hadn't hit anything.
I felt fine. I asked him if he could just listen to the babies heartbeat.
He did and said it sounded good.
I didn't want to go to the hospital, especially in the ambulance because $$ was all I could think of.
They told me that they highly recommend I go, so I told them I would have my parents take me when they got there.
(our car was undriveable and had to be towed.)

I still wasn't going to go.
I KNEW that nothing was wrong with Kali because I hadn't hit anything!
I was just really upset and a little in Shock.

My mom helped me into their car when they got there while Tyson and my dad waiting it the PO for the tow truck.
I told her I didn't need to go to the hospital...but by the time Tyson and my dad were finished, I started having really strong contractions pretty closely together.
Once we started driving, I told them that they better take me in.
When we got there,
I was still mad at Tyson.
They got me in my room and hooked me up to the monitors.

I was still in pain and started thinking that this might be it.
The nurse came in and checked me.

I was dilated to a 3.
That was 2 more than I was this morning.

a couple hours later, I was at a 3+.
By 2:30 they decided they were going to keep me!!
I couldn't believe it!
All of the sudden I wasn't mad at Tyson anymore.
I was SOO excited.
This was it!!

I was at a 4 and I received my epidural.
a couple hours later they gave me pitocin.

By about 11, I was dilated to a 5.
then at 12:30,
they came in and checked me and the nurse said,
Okay are you ready to have a baby?
She called the Dr and all of the sudden I felt so much pressure and pain on my right side.
(The epidural didn't numb my right side very well so I could feel some of it)

By the time Dr Terry came in,
he set everything up,
I pushed three times and

Kalista Jean Otuafi was born!
May 11th 2011 at 12:49 pm.

She weighed 6 Pounds 7 ounces
and was 20 inches long.

It was such an incredible and emotional experience.
Watching Tyson with her was so incredible.

seeing him get choked up when she was born was the best thing.
seriously, I cannot put into words how incredible that experience was.

I love my new little family

The  joy that Kalista is in our lives is indescribable.
I am SOO happy

I am in love with her.

I love being a mommy
and I LOVE watching Tyson with her.
he is so paranoid about everything and it's so adorable!

We love you Kalista Jean!

I had a video of her in the hospital, but for some reason blogger won't upload it!
So I had to upload to youtube and I don't want to put EVERYTHING on there for the world to see (you know, like her bath and such), so I only uploaded three.
(two of which are still processsing. I'll put them on when I have more time!)


  1. Glad everything turned out ok. Congrats, she is ADORABLE! And I'm dying at how cute all those pics are!

  2. Oh!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! SO happy for you both!!! My word...just makes you smile seeing the make a lovely little family. Every time you look at the pictures you can't help but smile...HUGE!!! Babies are such blessings!

    CONGRATS!!!! :O)

  3. Congratulations Andee! She is beautiful and I'm so glad she arrived safely. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of her!

    Sorry about your car accident, money can be so stressful. I hope all that car stuff gets worked out the best way it can.

  4. oh my gosh, Congratulations to you both! She is adorable. Hope the car stuff works out as painless as possible!

  5. She is beautiful! I knew it when you put the post on your other blog I am so happy for you and Tyson- enjoy her- what a blessing.

  6. She is beautiful! LOVED watching the video of Avery with her...that's why open adoption is so amazing.

    So sorry about the car wreck. I hope it all works out, those things can be so stressful!

  7. Congrats, Mommy! Your little Kalista is so so so gorgeous. I am so happy for you and Tyson. What an amazing blessing!!

  8. Congrats Andee! I'm so happy for you two! And she looks like a darling angel! :D

  9. Oh! She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you and your little family-- you so deserve these dear blessings.

  10. Wow.. very touching! She is simply beautiful! So happy for you and Tyson! And I love her name!!