Monday, May 23, 2011

WC #2

#2. when you knew he was the one: self explanatory.. but how and when did you know?

I've always been kinda stubborn.

By the time Tyson came home from his mission,
I was pretty much done doing the 'serious dating' crap.

Those of you that have read my public blog,
might know what I mean when I mention Jake.

He was the last straw for me.
After my heart was broken with him,
I swore to myself that I wasn't going to be in another serious relationship until I was around 24 and ready to get married.

I then got an online profile with
(Stefanie's idea),
and decided just to date a whole bunch and have fun playing 'the game'.

That is what I was doing when Tyson came home from his mission.

I was involved in a little game with a couple of guys and wasn't ready to give it up!
I had kinda turned into a brat when it came to the opposite gender.

I didn't do it on purpose...
I think I was just tired of them and THEIR games :)

So the day before mine and Tyson's first date,
I broke things off with one guy,
the one I was more 'involved' with.

It was the day after our first date (after his mission) that Tyson wanted to become serious.
He had kissed me on the night of our first date and was ready to settle down.

I kept telling him that I wasn't ready and that I wanted to just date a bunch of people.
after about a week of this,
he game me sort of an ultimatum.

He told me that he knew I was the one and he was ready to marry me,
but he didn't want to play any games.

He said he wasn't going to sit and wait around for me to 'be ready',
so if I wasn't ready now,
then he was going to leave and swore to me that he wouldn't come back.

I was SO annoyed with him.
In my mind it had only been a week and he was rushing WAY too fast.

In his mind,
we'd gotten to know each other in high school.
It was obvious we still had strong feelings for each other after his mission and he wasn't going to wait anymore.

Especially after what I put him through.

I was in denial.
I knew deep down the minute I saw him at Chili's that I was going to marry him.

But I wasn't ready to stop playing the game.
like maybe 3 weeks after he came home from his mission,
I gave in.

I deleted my LDSsingles profile,
broke things off with the other guy,
and became serious with Tyson.

Less than a month later,
we decided to get married and started planning the wedding!

It wasn't until July that he actually proposed though...
cause he wasnted to wait until he could pay for the ring in cash!

So the question when did I know?
the minute I saw him after his mission.
It just took a little while for me to stop being so selfish and stubborn!

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