Thursday, May 26, 2011

WC #15

15. first place that you lived together: pics if you have them!

The first place we lived was the HORRID Farmgate/Timbergate apartments.
Tyson worked there when we first got married so they told us we would get a 'discount' if we lived there.

BIGGEST mistake of our lives.

I HIGHLY do not recommend them for ANYONE to live in.
the management and staff there are THE most dishonest people I've ever met.
They told us we would would be paying a certain amount when we moved in...
then told us we could finally move in at the beginning of August, but that they wouldn't make us pay rent until September.

when we got to the apartment was to move in, it was discusting and dirty.
It had not even been cleaned since the last tenant.

we cleaned it,
and moved in.

When we got home from our honeymoon,
they moved the price up $80 and told us that they never said we would only have to pay the other amount.

We hadn't signed the lease yet,
which I regretted immediately.
I didn't think they would be so dishonest since my HUSBAND was working for them.

So we immediately signed the lease for this $80 more so they couldn't move the price up again.

a couple of weeks later,
they told us that we still owed them for August.

We explained that they said we didn't have to pay,
and they denied it.

So we had to come up with the month of August's rent.
When I finally went to confront them,
I was SOO angry.
I was really upset when I went to talk to the lady...
and when I left,
she went to Tysons manager and said that I was yelling at them about the way they treat his job!!


Tyson decided he was quitting and found another job.
he put in his two weeks and LUCKILY, they said we had to be out in two weeks.

we moved out...and didn't clean the apartment.

We left it just as we found it.
another thing they didn't do, was give us one of those papers to fill out when we moved it,
saying everything that was wrong with the apartment.

fastforward almost 4 months.

We get a letter from them in the mail,
trying to charge us I think it was $300 saying that we left the apartment dirty and then tried to charge us for all of the things that had been wrong with it when we moved in.

Thanks to the AMAZING neighbors we have across the street.
Mark Taylor who is a lawyer,
helped us with this...for FREE.

He sent them a long letter explaining laws, and stuff.
ONE of which was they had to have the letter with all of the charges to us within 30 days after moving out.

and SECOND...
they had no proof that we did that since they never gave us a paper to fill out.

They backed off after a few days.
I was so grateful for Mark!

that was our first apartment.

and they aren't even worth a picture.

Just remember,
do not EVER live or let a loved one live in Farmgate/Timbergate apartments in Herriman!!

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