Saturday, November 5, 2011


Kali was a Ladybug for halloween.

The poor girls first Halloween was not a pleasant one though.

She slept in until 11:30, which I thought was so awesome...
until she woke up and I noticed how different she seemed to be acting.

She was just not herself.
She kept grunting and moaning.
She was smiling and not crying,
but she was obviously not feeling well.

She wasn't her normal, upbeat, crazy self.

I shower my Oma three times a week,
so we went there and usually when I'm doing that Kali is sitting in her carseat,
squirming, jabbering and getting mad that I'm making her sit in her carseat.

But this day,
she just sat there and stared at me.
She didn't move at all.

I almost wanted to cry because she looked so miserable.

When we got home,
I took her out of her carseat and immediately could tell she had a fever.

I took her temperature and it was 101.4.
I called the Dr and they wanted to see her right then.

So we drove to the dr and they decided to draw her urine to see if she had another Urinary Tract Infection.
He also looked in her ears.
My poor baby screamed so hard. I've never ever heard Kali cry like she did then.
She was holding her breath and everything.
She's NEVER done that.

The first results for the UTI came back negative,
so he just told me that it was probably just a little virus but to call him if her fever didn't leave in three days, but that they were going to Culture her urine and he would let us know if anything changed

I took her home and cuddled her for the rest of the evening.
She was miserable.
That is how she spent her Halloween.

The next day,
her Doctor called and said that after only a day,
the culture ended up saying that she does indeed have a UTI.

He called back the next day saying this infection was immune to the antibiotic she was on.
so he switched her antiobiotic again.

We are now waiting for her Urologist to call us telling us whether or not she'll need surgery.
To be honest,
I'm pretty set on surgery.
I'm SO not looking forward to it,
but with the way this is all going,
Kali is going to end up immune to every single dang antibiotic,
and she's going to keep getting these infections.

I have done everything in my power to try to prevent these...
I'm just so worried about her at this point.

Haha. This was kind of a pathetic excuse for a Halloween post.
but that is pretty much how it went.


  1. She is a little doll!
    I was going to comment on the last post that you made about the year long antibiotics. You do have to be careful with antibiotics because if you overuse them, you will become immune to them. It sounds like you are already thinking of that though.
    I hope she can get the help and relief she needs, poor little thing. She is such a cute baby.

  2. Sorry she isn't feeling well. :O(...When you are a mom you feel bad/hurt when your children do. You want to be able to do anything to make them feel better. Hopefully it will all work out and she will get better very quickly.

    I have to say she was a totally cute lady bug. :O)Even if she was sick, she had that smile. Pretty baby.