Friday, November 11, 2011

Kalista is 6 Months old

Kalista is 6 months old!! it baffles me how fast this happened.

I can't believe it's already been half a year!
Where the heck did the time go?
I seriously don't know how this happened.

At 6 months old

-She loves playing with her feet.

-She sits up on her own.

-Her favorite food is Sweet Potatoes

-She HATES any kind of fruit.

-Everytime she laughs, she gets the hiccups

-Her laugh is the most incredible sound I've ever heard

-She finally has some rolls on that little body of hers.

-Everytime I'm eating something, she'll watch it go from the plate to my mouth

-She thinks the words "num num" are the funniest words in the entire world

-She fights me when I try to lay her down in her carseat or bath tub. She insists on sitting up in the bath tub now.

-Every night we take her out of the bathtub, she screams bloody murder until we get her pajamas on and her bottle in her mouth.

-She's already talking our ears off. When i'm sitting in the car and I hear her talking, I'll mute the radio just so I can enjoy that sweet little voice of hers.

-She pretty much has everyone in her life wrapped around her finger.

-She's definitely teething

-She constantly needs a new scenery

-She makes the "Ah" sound everytime she yawns. haha

-She is so very tickleish now, it's one of my favorite things

-She thinks it's funny when I sing and dance for her aka: make a fool of myself.

She is my idea of heaven.

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