Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mixed Emotions

This was Kali when I told her that she won't be getting anymore UTI's after December 6th
(at least for a LONG time.)

No obviously she really has no idea what's going on.
I just like this picture :)

We talked to the Urologist last week.
and Kali does indeed need surgery.

It's Scheduled for December 6th.

I'm SOO happy that she is finally going to get this dealt with.
Bye Bye UTI's!

On the other hand,
I'm an emotional wreck.
Before they actually said she needed surgery,
I was hoping for it because it meant my daughter would no longer have to deal with this horrible stuff.

and yeah I knew that it would be so sad,
but now that it's actually happening,
I'm starting to get really scared.

I'm so glad that this isn't any major surgery,
because I'm pretty sure I would die if it was.
I don't think I'd be able to handle it. 
I can't even stand to think about handing Kali over to the Doctor and not being there for her through the entire thing.

I have to sit there for who knows how long,
while I know that my daughter has been put to sleep and being worked on.
It's going to kill me.

I can't even imagine how my parents felt when my little baby brother had to have Open heart surgery.
Or my cousins when their new baby daughter had to have brain surgery.

I'm so grateful that Kali's problems aren't more serious than this...
but I gotta say,
I'm a baby and I'm still going to worry like crazy until she is back in my arms and feeling better.

Because they are working on both sides and she's so little,
she has to stay there over night and then have 2 tubes (which I'm assuming are catheters...) coming out of her for a week.

They wanted to schedule the surgery for the December 21st.
Can you imagine?? She would still be recovering on Christmas.
So glad they changed it to the 6th.

I'm having mixed emotions about this,
but all in all I'm SO GRATEFUL that this problem is fixable.
and I'm happy that Surgery will help her feel all better. 

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  1. I'm glad she will feel better soon. My family is praying for her.. all will be okay.. you will nurse her back to health and she will be 100% soon.