Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After a couple months of pulling my hair out,
I am officially working for that home health job.

I've been working there for about a month,
but just barely got on my own.

Right after they hired me,
we realized my CNA license had expired in January.

Usually you just have to send in a form showing that you worked at least 100 hours in a year
and they renew it.

But if you don't do that within 30 days after it's expired,
you have to take the test all over again.
It's $70 to take the test and let me tell you how ridiculous they make this process.

I had to call the Nursing assistant registry to tell them I needed to renew my license.
Because it's been over 30 days I had to retake the test.
SO instead of just paying for it over the phone, or in person,
they make you send the payment in the mail.

That's all the lady I talked to said.
She said to send the payment of $70 in the mail,
and they would send back the list of testing centers and my testing voucher.

I wrote a check and sent it in the mail,
a few days later I received a letter saying that they didn't accept checks.
Call me dumb, but the only other form of payment I knew about through mail was cash.
I didn't want to send $70 cash, but that was all I could think of.
So I sent that.

even though they called me and said that they don't usually accept cash, but they would this time (this was when I heard about cashiers check...or whatever that's called),
they finally sent me the vouchers.

I had to set up a time to take my test.
There were two seperate ones...and the first one wasn't for two weeks and the other one wasn't until two weeks after that.

After taking them both and finally passing them
(Oh yeah..they send the results in the mail too...)
I was able to start my job.

Can I Just say that i absolutely LOVE it?
I don't have co-workers.
It's absolute heaven!
I don't have to deal with rude, inconsiderate people that like to cause problems.

All I need to worry about is making my patients happy.
I love my patients too.
and you wanna know the best of the best part?
The management there is AWESOME!

They, unlike the management at my previous job, don't hunger for control.
They are so awesome and so laid back.
Obviously they would crack down on someone if they weren't performing their job well.
In other words,
If they were receiving negative feedback, or complaints from their patients.

AND they always make sure they show the CNA's appreciation.
They always let the CNA's know that if it wasn't for their hard work,
things would not be going as well.

I gotta say,
I am so so bitter about my last job that I'm really close to writing in to the head of the hospital.
I'm not kidding. I am still so offended and every time I think about it,
I just cannot believe how badly I was treated.

I'm just so glad I was able to get away from them.
I NEVER have to see any of those jerks again!!

My new job is incredible.
I love it and I actually feel like I get to make a difference in someone's life.
These people actually rely on ME to get to bed at night
(since I'm working nights).

I just have to say that I've never found a job more perfect for me.
Especially when i'm a mom.
I work 2- 2/12 hours at the most.
It's so amazing.

If you have someone in your life that is in need of home health or hospice,
let me know and I'll hook you up with the best place around!


In other news,
Kali had her Urologist appointment on the 10th.
I know that was a while ago but I am just now finding a few minutes to write it.

Let's just say I'm a little annoyed that we had to pay $55 dollars for them to tell us what we were told at the very beginning of this whole ordeal.

They are going to put Kali on Antibiotics for a year and test it again.
If she hasn't grown out of it by then,
they are going to do surgery.

She's too little for them to determine whether or not she is going to grow out of it.
They said that a little less thatn 50% of kids do.
So we'll see.

They said that if she get's another UTI before that though,
they will have to do surgery right then.

I'm REALLY paranoid.
This week Kali has had a very very very slight fever.
and she's been really fussy.

SO I took her in.
I really hope she doesn't get another one because I really don't want her to have surgery.
It would be so nice if she just grew out of it.

I would be SOO glad!

OH yeah...
Tyson got a $1 raise last week :)


  1. Awesome for your job! Glad they figured out what was wrong with her, sad about the surgery! And yay for $1 raise :)

  2. Well crystal said it all.. I second the yeahs, prayers sent afor kali nd the YIPPIE for the dollar raise..

  3. YAY for Tyson! And congrats on your new job! We should hang out more. Yes? :) Will you be at the adoption walk next Saturday?

  4. I loved home health! The thing I love about my job now is the no coworkers thing too! IMC was absolutely appalling! They shouldn't get away with the crap that goes on there! I'll write in with you!