Tuesday, October 11, 2011

5 Months Old Already??

Kalista is already five months old!


Although this past month has flown by,
she has progressed a lot!

At 5 months old Kali:
- Has mastered rolling over and shockingly is trying to roll from her back to her tummy. She hates being on her belly so it suprised me that she would do that.
    -LOVES playing with her toys and will put almost everything in her mouth.
    -Will actually lay on a blanket and play without crying. In otherwords, I can now put her down without her screaming like she is going to die! yay!
    -Will always fall asleep if you put her in this position:
Let me elaborate more about this position.
When she is being fussy and is obviously very tired, if I lay her on her belly (which she usually hates her belly so this is even more wierd), with her head facing down in between your legs and pat her back, she'll immediately calm down and fall asleep.
My mom discovered this. It's the funniest thing and I Laugh everytime. It's so wierd.
my daughter is strange. haha

-She is starting to hold her bottle all by herself.

she's pretty much mastered it.

-Is beginning to be more of a mommys girl.

there's times when someone will go to hold her and she'll turn towards me.
I'm not complaining :)
- She is starting to LOVE binkys

- She really likes books and loves it when you read to her.

-Talks and Talks all of the time.

-she is, at least for the past few nights, sleeping through the night.
At least 9 hours.
Then, when she does wake up, she'll take a bottle and go back to sleep for another 4!

-Will try her hardest to sit up when you lay her down, especially in her car seat.

-and I know I mention this a lot, but I'm not kidding when I say she LOVES outside. Utah weather has been really cold lately, but that doesn't stop her!

she's not a fan of her cold weather clothes though...
This is Kali inside.

and this is Kali outside.

I love this baby so much!
She is so much fun and every night that I go to bed,
the thing I look forward to the most is waking up to her talking or yelling for me to come play with her. (this happens when she wakes up for good, after sleeping those extra four hours.)
It's turned me in to a morning person :) 

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