Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 1

*A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.*

Our most recent picture together on our weekend get away!
(Sorry it's so's from my phone.)

My day?
well, considering my current state,
and how lazy I've been lately because of it,
I got a lot done!

I went to bed last night to Kalista kicking the heck out of me.
I went to bed at Midnight and tossed and turned because she would kick every side I would lay on.
I finally was able to get comfortable and fall asleep.

At close to 4:45 am,
I woke up to Tyson pulling me over to cuddle with him.
I know it was close to that because he had to wake up at 4:45 for work!

Kali was still kicking at this point
(oh no! ha she's gonna be a night owl..)

After he left,
I fell back asleep and woke up around 8:30.
I took a shower,
got ready
and watched one of my favorite shows ever Criminal minds :D

I was kinda lazy this morning because before I knew it,
it was 12:30.
I had a work meeting at One so I left for that!

I then was able to pick up a tax form and was able to file our taxes by about 5:00.
(My meeting went until 3).

After that I deep cleaned!
I am very proud of the bathroom job I did especially.
I also made dinner
(it had to cook for an hour so I started making it at about 6 since Tyson wouldn't be home until about 8)

I was finished with everything by about 7:30
and then started playing the Wii until Tyson came home.
I knew he would want to do that and I had to I can beat him!

When he came home,
he was exhausted. We ate dinner and then played each other in the Wii for a couple hours.
(It's what he considers relaxing...)

I am doing laundry as well.
it doesn't sound like a lot.
But I really did accomplish a lot.
This Small Aparment needed some TLC
and I feel like I made a pretty good mark today :)

Now to finishing it all tomorrow!

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  1. What a fun challenge. Thanks for the invite! :)