Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still Alive and Kickin!

Okay so It's been a while since I have posted.
We have been SOO busy.
That's even an understatement.

I haven't found one second to breathe until RIGHT NOW!

Since my last post we have-

- Moved into our new house
- Celebrated the 4th of July
-Celebrated my Birthday
- Quit my job
- and had Kali's two month Dr Check up which = SHOTS :'(

New House

We are officially all moved in.
It feels SOOO GOOD to be on our own again.
As much as we appreciated my parents for letting us live with them for FREE,
(we were able to save up a good amount of money because of them!) 
I feel like I can finally be the mother and wife that I want to be.

We finally get to be our own little family <3

We still have some decorating to do.
I'm pretty much done with the main stuff.
I just need to get some more picture for our frames
and then Decorate the Nursery and our bedroom.

I had all of these plans to make Kali's room SOO cute.
I could see the vision in my head.

Princess and the Frog.

I'm kind of a cheap skate when it comes to money...
So today, after looking around for some cute bedding for her Crib,
I just gave in to a cheap one at Target.

It's the same colors as the room,
and does go with the theme and all,
but I wanted her room to be more Elegant than it is going to be.

I was hoping for just a bunch of WHITE RUFFLY bedding.
But I didn't want to spend that much on it.
I have recently picked up couponing which doesn't help my 'cheap skate' situation at all either!

But that's okay.
Kali doesn't really care about her room right now,
so quite frankly,
I'm not going to waste a bunch of money on something that she won't get to even enjoy.

My vision of her nursery could have EASILY been more than $1000.
I'm not gonna do it!

we'll see how my cheaper version turns out.
and I'll take pictures of the entire house when it's ALL completely done.

4th of July

The Day we left for St George,
We received a package in the mail from my Aunt Julie from Idaho.

She had sent us this ADORABLE Dress for Kali for the 4th of July

Isn't is so cute?

We went to my parents house for a bbq, swimming and fireworks that day.
It was so fun!
Kali met some if her friends for the first time :)

Kali and Luke

Kali and Jada

I love Independence day!
It's one of my favorite holidays.

My Birthday
My birthday was very laid back.
It was fun though and I really enjoyed the day.

My friend Chelsie,
Took me to Iggys for lunch.

It was SOO yummy and so fun to catch up with her.

When Tyson got home from work we went to Dinner with my parents, my Oma and my Aunt MJ.
We went to Cheesecake Factory.
MMMm it was so dang delish.
I love that place immensely.

When we got back to my parents house my little sister had made me a suprise cake.
my favorite cake btw.

I got lots of gifts!
One of which was a shirt from my sister that i'm wearing right now actually! ha

Quit my Job

YES that is correct.
and it feels SOOO good!
I couldn't stand that place any longer.

They were SOO rude to me during my pregnancy.
Like intolerabley rude about everything.
(and it's the WOMENS CENTER!? Wouldn't you think they'd be more understanding?)
I put my two weeks in the day before my first day back.
and my last day was yesterday.

can I get a HALLELUJIAH!?

I just got a less than part time job with a home health company instead,
which is only about three hours a day.
and I'm pretty sure it's not everyday.
I also am taking care of my Oma three times a week.

you have no idea what a happy camper I am.
I am pretty much a stay at home mom.
Kali comes with me when I take care of my Oma
So life is good!
I seriously love my life.

....except for this next part...
Kali's Dr Appointment

Kali had her Dr appointment on Wednesday.
Saddest day ever.
I'm not even kidding.

She had to get her shots.
She's a good baby.
Especially considering that she has epic Acid Reflux.

When the nurse gave her the THREE shots...
oh my gosh.
I've never heard he cry so hard in her life.

Her face turned red,
along with the not breathing inbetween cries.

It was horrible.
I started crying too.
like I had tears running down my face.
I felt stupid and kept apologizing to the nurse for crying but it was SO sad.
I just hated seeing her go through that.

The shots affected her until today.
She's finally back to her normal self.
She was so fussy yesterday, Thursday and for the rest of the day on Wednesday.

I don't ever want to go through that again.
It was so so sad.
and these last few days,
the only thing that seemed to make her feel better,
was a bath with mommy.

That's the update on our life right now!

We love it :) 

I just made this blog public again.
You can read the post on my other blog if you want the explanation!

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