Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Months old

I am stealing this idea from Shawntae.
Every month she documents her adorable little guys likes, dislikes and accomplishments.

I'm starting it a little late,
but it's better late than never right??

Kalista is 3 months old!
(well, she's 11 weeks...but considering my busy schedule lately, I'm posting this now since I don't know what my week will be like next week!)
Can you believe it? I can't even believe it.
I feel like time has gone by 1000 times faster than it did when I was pregnant with her.

At three months old Kali,


  • Loves to talk and is constantly trying to have a conversation with you,
  • Is a huge morning person; it's her happiest time of day, 
  • Is a very light sleeper and wakes up to the slightest sounds, 
  • sleeps best when it is completely silent,
  • Her smile is by far the cutest thing you'll ever lay your eyes on,
  • loves to eat and would eat all day long if you let her, 
  • Loves to be in the car and her carseat,
  • Is a very curious baby. When she is awake, she is constantly looking around and needs a change of scenery after a while,
  • Loves to be held,
  • Loves her daddy and wants nothing to do with mommy when he comes home from work,
  • Loves water, including swimming pools
  • It doesn't matter how upset she is, a bath always calms her down,
  • Loves being bounced. Pretty sure it helps her acid reflux which is SO BAD as of late.
  • has a love-hate relationship with her binky
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little Kalista.
She seriously completes my life.
I don't know what I would do without her.

at her 2 month Dr appointment, 
she weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces 
was 22 inches long.

I'm guessing she's in the 9 pound area now!

We love this little girl!


  1. I seriously love Shawntae! She is my fave! I'm gonna be her doula (hopefully she still wants me to haha!) But anyway Kali is such a gorgeous baby! You're so lucky that she's still so little cause Audrey was pretty much that size when she was born! And now she's a giant! AAAAHH!!! I love watching you as a mommy!!!

  2. Awww thanks for these tid bits of info! Sometimes I feel like she's so far away but she's so close! I love our lil Kali SO much!! Thanks for posting this sight! I will be a regular!! Oh she is so ADORABLE!! Kisses from Grandma!!!