Friday, July 1, 2011

St George and 5 Generations

We went to Saint George last weekend.
We went because my Grandma and Great Grandma haven't met Kali yet and we wanted them to meet!

So we drove out there and of course, half way there,
She puked all over herself.

So...she was Naked for the rest of the ride because I'm really smart and forgot to put an extra pair of clothes in the diaper bag.
having a breast pump that can use batteries = LIFESAVER!

We didn't have to stop every time she was hungry because I could just pump and feed her the bottle.
(It especially came in handy on the ride home when we were stuck in completely stopped traffic for an hour and she was screaming of hunger.)

The Outfit she wore the first day there.
I thought she looked ADORABLE.
Green is her Daddys favorite color.

...and this is my great grandma.
haha I saw her holding this knife and I had to take a picture.
It cracked me up.
She looks so scary in this picture, but is really the sweetest lady ever!

I wish I had gotten a close up picture of her entire outfit this day.
Tyson's boss and his wife gave it to us.
so cute. and they gave us three bows that are the cutest things I think I've ever seen
she's wearing one of them here, but you can't see it very well either.

These are our 5 generation pictures.
There are 5 generations here.

The cool thing is,
Kali has a great great Grandma on both her mom and dads side.
It was such a fun visit.
Tyson and I were talking and decided that we need  to visit them more.

That was the first time Tyson has met my Great Grandma.
We're going to try to go down there every couple of months.

It was so much fun and I really wish they didn't live so far away!

We're moving tomorrow,
which is explains the lack of posts.

I'm excited to finally get settled!

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  1. Thanks for opening up your blog. LOVE the pictures. The "5 Generations" picture brought a happy tear to my eye! How special for all of you!