Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like mother, Like Daughter

Kali hasn't been sleeping very well for the last couple of weeks.
Let me rephrase.
She sleeps GREAT during the day,
mostly while she's in her car seat or being held.
But at night,
she doesn't sleep.
at first,
she would just be awake and make noises.
She wanted to play.
But as the nights have gone on,
she's become more and more fussy.
and the last couple of weeks,
She's been super gassy and spits up a good amount when she eats.
The last few days,
I haven't even been able to put her down for more than 5 minutes without her
not only CRYING, but SCREAMING.
like screaming bloody murder.
I couldn't even DO tummy time because it made me pretty much cry.
She was obviously in pain.
I went to the hospital to visit one of my friends.
I was telling them about her issues and realized it'd been almost 6 days since she's pooped.
After asking the nursery nurse about it,
having her feel her belly
and taking a rectel temperature with no results,
I decided to call the Doctor.
It was three o'clock and they had us come in at four.
We got there and while we were in the room waiting for her Doctor to come in,
I decided to feed her since she was crying and it was time.
She ate really well,
but was moaning and acting uncomfortable the whole time.
When the Doctor came in,
he checked her and decided pretty quickly that she [most likely] has Acid reflux.
I have acid reflux too.
she gets it from me and I couldn't feel worse for her!
Acid reflux SUCKKSS!!!
He said her belly feels fine and the reason she mostly likely hasn't pooped,
is because her body needs every single calorie she is eating.
He said it can take ten days sometimes.
He said that if I cut out dairy and gave her the medicine he prescribed,
I would start noticing a difference in 48 hours.
okay cutting out dairy is like...
impossible for me! Seriously it's SO HARD!
haha all I eat is cheese.
But when you think about it,
it's a win-win situation.
I'll lose weight doing this!
Kali seems like she's feeling better today.
she isn't a fan of her medicine and I laugh everytime I give it to her because she makes the funniest faces you'll ever see.
I'll record it and put it on here next time.
She is still really spitty though.
I hope that gets better soon.
but she just woke up...
so, gotta go!


  1. yeah, my younger siblings and I were the same way, but we were lactose intolerant for the first 11 months(when my brother and I were babies they didn't have lactose free formula), I was more spity than my brother, but he'd scream his head off for months on end. In some cases, I still get some of the Lactose intolerant symptoms, but not stomach aches(though on rare occasion I do) or anything, I get dark rings under my eyes because of it. haha! I always write a novel when I comment! :P

  2. My niece had acid reflux when she was first born. She spit up a ton after she ate for the first year or so. The medicine (she was on prevacid) helped her a lot and the longer she was on it the more she improved. She is now a very energetic and crazy 22 month old without any problems. Hopefully Kali will be the same!!