Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boost my ego

one month old!!
Kali's doctor has been really pushing tummy time on me.
Everytime I see him,
he tells me that it's important we get her to do as much tummy time as we can.

Although she hates it,
it will build her neck muscles and keep the back of her head from going flat!

And let me tell you,
she HATES it!!

She cries and moves and fusses the WHOLE time.
I'm not kidding.
I hate it.

Last week I put her down for tummy time while I was folding laundry.
I had my music on.

She started fussing like normal.
a song I like came on and I started singing.

Immediately she calmed down.
When the song was over, she started crying.

So I changed it to another song I liked and started singing again.
...she stopped again.

I was quite proud of myself.
My baby likes my voice.

currently she is doing tummy time again.
She was fussing and getting upset.
So I decided to try the music thing again.

She stopped.
only when I sing though.
She starts crying again when I'm not.

she is asleep.

today has been kind of an emotional day.
I literally just finished having a pity party and was crying to Tyson.

Then when I did tummy time and started singing to her...
she made me feel better.
at least my baby loves me :)

and my husband for that matter.
who is currently making me some dinner since once of the things I was crying about was how there is nothing to eat here when I can't have cheese.

[I'm cutting out dairy to see if it helps poor Kali's tummy aches :(]

He found something. <3
Yes, I know I'm a baby.
But sometimes I get emotional.

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  1. Here is my two bits on tummy time. I never ever gave Audrey tummy time. I don't know why it is pushed so much, but I think it is because the average mother in America will leave their baby in carseats, strollers, swings, etc. and their head will go flat. The best thing to do (in my opinion) is to wear her in a carrier. I just use my homemade moby wrap (it's still the only thing I use and she's 8 months). Neck control comes with age not with exercise. At first I tucked her head into the carrier, but as she got neck control I just let it out when she was awake. She hasn't had delayed crawling at all or any delayed physical things and she doesn't have a flat head. I think that wearing babies makes the bond even stronger because they are most comfortable when they are next to their mommies and they learn to trust. So if you don't like tummy time because it makes her upset, then I wouldn't do it. :D If you feel like it is helping then do it. But maybe she's just too little to enjoy it. The moby wrap is completely hands free and it is absolutely awesome. Now that Audrey is older she likes to be on her tummy crawling around.