Thursday, April 4, 2013

23 months

So much is going on in our lives right now.
I wish so badly that we had a computer of our own so that I could not only document it more frequently,
but also because I am feeling like my phone is full of so many pictures and videos of my child and I'm so worried that something is going to happen to it before I have the chance to put them on a CD.

Let's all just pray that doesn't happen.
That's the bitter sweet thing about smart phones...convenient, but a little more difficult to convert to a CD. Especially when videos are concerned!

Hopefully nothing bad will happen.
I would just die.

Kali will be 23 months on the 11th.
23 months you guys!
She's going to be 2 next month!

I just can't believe how fast time flies.
She's getting so dang big and I'm thoroughly enjoying watching her learn and grow.

She's a very independent kid that LOVES learning and exploring new things.

Her vocabulary is really expanding.
She says more words than I could count.
She pretty much repeats everything we say.

She loves talking.
She usually is speaking half jibberish/half english.

 photo IMG_20130307_181911_zps6ae2c076.jpg

When she knows I'm not paying attention to her,
she'll say "Mom, Mom, Mom, mom" until I say "what" and then she will go off in mostly jibberish toungue for about 30 seconds like she is telling me something! haha

 photo IMG_20130308_094927_zps9e60b6e3.jpg

She loves shoes and clothes and looks forward to getting ready.
She's obsessed with the outdoors and is constantly begging to go outside...especially when she knows it's a nice warm day.

 photo 030813182455_zps57937478.jpg

The two movies she loves the most right now are Tinkerbell and The Lorax.
We're already planning her Lorax themed Birthday party this year.

 photo IMG_20130311_140335_zps20bf50c7.jpg

I absolutely adore watching this girl sleep.
It's the only time she is sitting still and looks so peaceful.
When she's awake she is constantly moving and doing one thing after another.
But when she's sleeping...she is so still and sound.

 photo IMG_20130312_121618_zps98209bd4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130317_172027_zps1946c91a.jpg

Whenever I am getting ready,
Kali HAS to do it with me.
If I'm doing my makeup she stands next to me and begs for some.

I usually give her my blush brush or something.
But then there's times where she sneaks and gets her hands on it herself.
Then she does her mascara. haha She did a beautiful job though don't you think?

 photo IMG_20130323_110815_zps418014f5.jpg
(Isn't this perhaps the most disturbing and creepiest looking Easter Bunny you've ever seen? He was nice though. He talked and gave her candy. haha so that's okay)

 photo IMG_20130325_140647_zps64869f46.jpg
She's also getting into coloring.
She got a Marker set for Christmas.
The Markers only color on certain paper. We LOVE that and she wants to color or "cauh" numerous times everyday...It's the pens that are dangerous. haha She found a pen and created some beautiful artwork on the door the other day.
and so it begins...

 photo IMG_20130327_104105_zps14a1344c.jpg
Kali is very expressive.
You tell her what face to make, and she'll do it.

She is so dang funny.

 photo 033113085208_zpsb0555677.jpg

We had such a good Easter this year.
It was SO FUN to see her expression when she saw her Basket on the table.
she had money in some of her eggs because she loves putting it in her piggybank.

She's already racking up the change!

 photo IMG_20130331_093122_zps0868add3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130331_095317_zps913319e3.jpg

We love this girl so much.
She is SO funny. She is constantly cracking us up.

She says and does things that are so funny especially because of her age.
Every new thing she says or does is hilarious or adorable.

I think she's slowly starting to understand that there is an actual baby coming soon.
We took all of the baby stuff out over the weekend and she got her baby doll and started trying to strap her into the swing and bouncer. I am pretty confident that she's going to be jealous...but once she gets through that stage she's going to be such a great big sister!

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