Monday, March 4, 2013

Long time no post

It's been a long time since I've posted something.

It's hard to find time to post when I'm at my moms house...
haha not having a computer has been REALLY HARD when it comes to blogging.

Kali is almost 22 months.
She's going to be TWO YEARS OLD in 2 months!!!

 photo IMG_20130208_155452_zpsd9e0882e.jpg

I can't even believe it.

She's at the age where she is really beginning to understand everything.
She is such a outgoing little girl,
but last week in Nursery,
a little boy pushed her down and bit her...

Since then,
she's become SUPER clingy when she feels like we might be leaving her with someone.
and yesterday in Nursery,
she SCREAMED her head off when she saw me leaving.

I tried to just leave her there and let her cry but I just couldn't.
It broke my heart and made me start to cry! haha
She's never like that and I knew it was because of what happened a week prior.

 photo IMG_20130224_200853_zps3163536a.jpg

I'm not going to lie,
it's been REALLY hard for me to just drop it and get over the fact that the little boy did that to her.
I am just SO ANGRY that kids are so mean to my baby!!

Kali is usually so friendly to other kids.
She's never intentionally mean to them and everyone is her friend.

Then, kids like that come along and are just MEAN to her.
It hurts her feeling and makes me so angry.
This little boy was just visiting in nursery too. He wasn't even in our ward...
but Kali didn't know that!

As Tierra would say on the current season of the bachelor "They stole her sparkle!!" haha I'm seriously just kidding!!

 photo IMG_20130228_140836_zpscee1489a.jpg

I know that most parents are biased and think their kids are perfect and that they never do anything wrong,
but I think I'm pretty good at seeing things realistically here.

I know when my daughter needs to get in trouble.
I am aware when she is the one that is being a little stinker or when she is being mean.
When she does something wrong,  she goes to time out or gets in trouble, Especially if she's hurting another person.  Not all parents are that way and it takes A LOT of self control for me to keep my mouth shut.

haha I'm done with that rant.
I just really needed to vent because both of us are pretty traumatized from this. lol


 photo IMG_20130304_125047_zpsf9259d70.jpg

She's in a toddler bed now!
When she was in her crib, she would go to bed SO WELL.
There were times that she'd even ask to go 'night night' and try to climb in her crib.
She loved going to bed and has been the greatest sleeper.

now that baby #2 is on her way,
we decided that it'd be cheaper to put her in a toddler bed instead of buying another crib.

a week ago last saturday, we did it.

 photo IMG_20130201_190117_zpscaf5f51b.jpg

Her first time in her bed was for nap time on Saturday...which didn't go well.
She screamed bloody murder when we walked out of the room.

I ended up having to sit next to her, tickling her hair, until she fell asleep.

After that though,
she's done great!

Especially at night.
She stays in her bed when we put her down and sleeps through the night.
She's been waking up about an hour earlier every morning, but it's worth it!

Naptime is a little more difficult though.
She doesn't cry,
but she turns that into play time.

I go in there about 5-10 times before she'll finally stay in bed.
I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's lighter in her room which makes it easier for her to get out and play! She'll even turn on the light.  little stinker.

She's such a good kid though.
She has such a sweet personality...even though she's also very stubborn.

When she's mad...she's not so sweet. haha
She has a temper and isn't afraid to show it, but doesn't stay angry for long.

She's obsessed with the movie "The Lorax".
She'd watch it 10 times a day if I let her and has even started singing along and repeating the things they say in it.

We're planning a Lorax Themed party for her 2nd birthday and I'm SO excited for it!
I am hoping it turns out as I planned...I'll post pictures when the time comes ;)

As far as the pregnancy goes,
everythings great!

I'm 23.3 weeks.
I had a doctor appointment a week ago and I've gained three pounds and I'm measuring on schedule.
I'm really trying not to gain more weight than necessary this time.
Every pregnancy I get better at something...haha 
Hopefully weight gain will be the accomplishment this time!

 photo 012913100011.jpg

They switched my due date to June 28th at my 20 week ultrasound, but that's just 3 days off so I'm okay with I'm kinda scared to have two kids! haha Kali is a good kid, but she's also very independent, loves to explore, and about 90% of my day involves me chasing her around!

I'm so excited to meet baby Hayleigh, I'm just scared to have 2 kids! I don't know how I'll do...haha

I've started working on her nursery though and I'm SOO excited to see the final results!
I think it's going to turn out really cute.

We got a new car on Saturday!
Not only do we finally have a car that will fit BOTH kids,
but this one has a working AC and is 4 wheel drive!
haha I'm in love with it.

I almost started crying when I was test driving it because I loved it so much!

 photo 030313154222_zps8da2726b.jpg

 photo 030313154210_zpsd9e93ae8.jpg

It's a Mazda CX-7

I think that's it!
hopefully I'll have pictures of Kali's new bed and the nursery next time :)

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