Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas surprise!

I have been attempting this post since December 27th!
everytime I would write the entire blog (which I did 3 times!),
I would then wait for the video to upload,
come back an hour later and the computer had frozen up and deleted everything!!
So after a lot of huffing and puffing,
I just decided to upload it to youtube.
I would have done THAT a couple of days ago,
but we all got sick here and it was the last thing I've wanted to do!
even though I'm still coughing and my throat may or may not be raw to the core,
I'm finally getting around to it!! haha
SO now that it's January 1st,
Happy New Year!!!
This past year has brought on a lot of  ups and downs,
but the ups, have been SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the downs,
so there's no complaining over here!
The 2 greatest things of 2012 were:
Buying our very first home!
Finding out we're Pregnant again!
We're so excited to see what 2013 has in store for us!
to the reason for this post!
This Christmas we learned the Gender of baby #2!
I was told a couple of different things about my due date,
but the one that seemed the most accurate was that I would be 14 weeks on Christmas day!
They say the earliest you can tell is at 14 weeks,
so we called Fetal Studios and asked if there was any way we could come in on Christmas Eve.
We would be 13.6 weeks that day but we really wanted to open it in front of our families on Christmas Day!
They were more than willing to do it for us,
so on Christmas Eve,
we headed to the mall!
Tyson and I were so excited...
then 2 hours before our appointment,
Tyson was called into work.
We were so disappointed,
but my little sister Emilee agreed to come with me instead.
We tried pushing the appointment back another hour,
and they let us...
but Tyson was still unable to get there in time.
We were so bummed.
I was so glad my sister was willing to come though!
So the Ultrasound tech started the video and it's always so incredible to see that there is really a baby in your belly!
The baby was moving around and being so cute!
I asked the tech to tell me to close my eyes before typing the gender on the screen because I didn't want to find out until Christmas.
Sure enough,
she gave me the cue...
but I quickly looked for myself to see if I could figure it out...
because I of course am no professional and knew I wouldn't be 100% sure.
I took my guess and then closed my eyes.
Emilee talked me in to letting her look,
swearing that she wouldn't tell a soul until after we found out.
So she knew the Gender before any of us!
After the Ultrasound,
the Tech put the picture of the Gender in an envelope and we were on our way!
after saying goodbye to Emilee,
I met up with Tyson and my other little sister Kaitlyn and we headed to build-a-bear!
The plan was to give the Envelope to the Build-a-bear staff and have them make a bear according to the gender of our baby (I got this idea from my good friend Kristi. She did it to find out her babys gender!)
However, on the way there, Kaitlyn told us that she would buy the bear,
if we let HER look at the gender and build it herself.
How could we arge with that?
haha I mean really?
After threatening Kaitlyn with her life,
she swore she wouldn't tell a soul either.
The next day,
which I swear...I was having such a hard time waiting 24 hours for!
We learned the Gender of baby #2!

(I cannot for the life of me figure out why the video looks like this on youtube! The quality is fine everywhere else, but the minute I upload it to youtube..it does this! Technology is not my friend. haha You can see and hear the gender just find though so oh well! sorry about that)

 Before the ultrasound,
I was convinced that I was having a boy.
This pregnancy has been so different,
I have been significantly LESS sick this time around,
I've also been a lot less hormonal,
and the only times that I've been miserable are the two times that I've had some other virus.
I just have felt so different this time around.
I just KNEW it was a boy.
But after the Ultrasound,
after I 'guessed' for myself,
I changed my mind.
What I could see, was definitely a girl!
and I was right!
Baby #2 is another girl!
I'm so excited the Kali is going to have a little sister!
When we started talking about having another baby,
we also started talking about names that we liked.
We decided on a boy name immediately and were set on it.
another Girl name however, we were having a hard time settling on one.
We had one picked out that we both liked, but we weren't positively set on it.
Well, after talking about it and thinking about it knowing that we're having a girl for a few days,
we decided that we really like it and now we're for sure set on it!
Baby Girl #2's name is going to be
Hayleigh Rochelle
(pronounced like Hailey)
I'm not usually one for spelling names so differently,
but since I was young, I have always loved this spelling...mostly because Leigh is how you spell my middle name (pronounced lee).
Because of that we're making the spelling a little more unique...but I like it!

As far the the middle name,
we are big for having the middle name of all of our kids have special meaning.
Rochelle is my mother in laws name and we love her!!
Kalista's middle name is Jean and that is my moms middle name.

How cool of it that both of our girls are named after each on of their grandmas?
Due date is June 25th.
I'm so excited to begin the planning for another girl!

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