Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's been so hard to stay updated the past few months.

Our computer is pretty much trash and using it is one of the most frustrating things to even try to work with.

So I've currently hijacked my mothers computer to give a quick update.

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Kali is now 20 months old.
I realized a few days ago that in just 4 months she's going to be 2!!
This girl is growing up so fast!

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Her talking is excelling so quickly.
I really don't think I'm going to be able to remember everything that she is saying, but she's beginning to speak in like 2-3 words sentences. Mostly reapeating what we say!

She says: mommy, daddy, oma, opa, Kay-kee (for Kaitlyn), Em, Bree-Bree, Dall (for Dallin), Casey, Jo (Joey), Gama, Gapa,  no, yes, okay, I love you, more, some, sippy, bye bye, amen, night night, seesee (for lucy my parents dog), puppy, doggy (we just got a dog...more about that in a minute), bath time, potty, poopy, nom noms, yeah yeah yeah (singing a song), HI STINKY (in the most excited voice ever. haha), Thank you, please, sorry, sissy, hayee (Hayleigh), baby and much more!

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She is so dang funny. She makes us laugh every day, all the time.
She is getting mostly better at listening and she loves being the center of attention.
I just love her little personality SOO MUCH!!

I'm currently 18 weeks prego and besides epic heartburn and extreme fatigue,
I'm feeling pretty great.

I still throw up every once in a while,
but all in all I'm feeling good.

We have our 20 week appointment/ultrasound on monday
(we'll be 19 weeks by then)
and we're super excited for that!

Not much more to report there.

Last week,
my husband called me.

He said that his coworker called and that his sister was looking for a home for her dog.
She was moving into an apartment that didn't allow pets.

He's a 4 month old chiuahuah (sp?).

Tyson and I previously agreed that since it didn't work out with our last dog milly
*sniff* (we had to give her away just weeks after getting her)
that we wouldn't get another dog until we were 100% about keeping it and until we had a fence.

So believe me when I say that I was NOT for getting him at all.
I was against it.

But after much begging,
I finally agreed.

So now we have a dog.
that I have to potty train.
while getting ready for a new baby.


 photo 011613113632.jpg

He is pretty cute though...
we have to stick this one out though.
It was our agreement.


that's about it for now!!

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