Thursday, January 24, 2013

So dang funny!

Kalista at the age where everything she says is cute.

I swear everyday I can't wait for Tyson to get home because there's so many stories I want to tell him!

I just found this new blogger app. That way I can share the stories on here and we'll have them forever!

I'm starting!

Tuesday January 22nd 2013:

We stopped at Carls Jr to satisfy my intense malt craving. I got kali fries (and apparantly only 1 chicken nugget because the people that work there are smart. Ha)

She refuses to wait until we get home so I decided to hand her a fry every now and then (I swear I do feed my child healthy food most of the time...haha)  here's what happened:

Everytime I would hand her a fry, within 5 seconds she was signing and saying "more" (which sounds like "mohwa") before she was even close to being done. I'm driving and she's eating those things WAY too quickly.

Me: "Kali slow down"
Kali: [mouth full of food] "mowha"
Me: "just a second"
Kali: "mohwa!"
Me: "Kalista, you need to slow down"
Kali: "mohwa!"
[I ignored her this time, because her mouth is still full]
Kali: "moooooomm!! mohwa!"
Me: "Fine"[unable to resist because she's way too cute, I give her a fry]
Kali: "GEEEZ!!"


Friday January 25 2013:

I was washing all of the towels today. We had to leave and the towel we usually put in the dogs kennel wasn't dry yet, so I grabbed one of Kalis old, not very nice looking, blankets and put it in there instead. When she realized what I was doing she ran over to me and started telling "no!!" And crying, while trying to take it out. It's safe to say she's going to have a difficult time sharing any of her stuff with her new sister! ...but it was really cute to see her so protective of her blanket!

Saturday January 26, 2013

We were driving home from dinner and the car in front of us stopped suddenly to turn, so Tyson hit the breaks harder than normal and Kali goes "woah! Stop!"


Hopefully I'll be able to post this once a week and I'll remember to write down more stories. She DOES a lot more than she actually SAYS and they're funnier to actually be there for than to hear, but I'll do my best to post as much as I can remember!

(I'm doing this on my phone too so I hope there's not too many grammatical errors!)

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