Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool!!

My familys favorite holiday is April Fools Day.
You might as well call my mom the Devil when it comes to April fools.

This year,
you could say that I am definitely her daughter.
I played my first joke on Tyson...and it went pretty well.
But not as far as I had hoped because I'm a pretty bad liar!

So as ya'll know,
we're trying to buy a house.

Because I'm moving to part time,
we'll still qualify, but we have to be more careful with the price.
Which is probably why we haven't had any luck yet.

Tyson is also SOOO cheap.
haha we've been going the last 6 months without a rent payment...
so he wants our payment to be really low...because we're not really used to one.
We've found a couple of houses that would work,
but we would definitely have to put some work into them and Tyson would prefer to not have to do so much.

yesterday I called him while we were both at work and I began my prank :)

I called and hung up three times so that he would think that I 'tried' to call him.
when he called me back,
I told him that our Realtor called me and said that she found a really cute HUD home that was a little over our price range and needed a little bit of fixing up but that it seemed perfect for us.

I told him that she said the bidding would end at noon and that she needed to know if we wanted to bid on it.

I then told him that I couldn't get ahold of him, so I just told her to do it..without seeing the house first!
He really handled it well over the phone.

You could tell he was SOO MAD, but he stayed calm.
He told me that he thinks that was a foolish thing to do and then kept making excuses to get off the phone when I would call him.

In the mean time,
I talked to our realtor and asked her to find a really cheap, really crappy, dumpy beat up house that was by my work that I could show him. She was totally down with helping with this and agreed to let me call her when I got off work so I could get the address when I was with him.

Tyson agreed to meet me at work when I got off so that we could go see it.
I called her when we were in the car and she did PERFECT.
She went on about how perfect she thought the house was for us and then told us the price that we made up...which was 45000 over our budget...and this was the first time he heard the price.

Here is the video of his reaction to the price...
(he didn't know I was recording, so you don't see much.)

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click pause on the music player first!

After the video stopped,
he said he didn't know why I was laughing
(because I couldn't help myself!)

Then he said
"you better not be april foolsing me"

at this point,
we were already almost to the house,
so we decided to go look at "our house"

I asked him after he figured it out,
if he was mad.

he wasn't.
he said he was just super super relieved.
haha I love him.

I felt so guilty the whole time.
so I was so glad that he forgave me!
Good thing...cause this isn't the last time he's going to be April Fooled!

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