Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've been seeing a lot of this Vlogging stuff lately.
So I'm going to start doing it once a week.

I decided that I'm going to copy Shawntae and do the Vloggin' Vednesday thing that her and many others do!

We'll see how successful I am at doing this EVERY wednesday.
Hopefully I'll do it on most at least ;)

and I know it's only Tuesday,
but I'm doing it a day early this week since I have some time to do it today!!

Here we go.
Don't mind my hair... or makeup for that matter.
I've been so so [more than usual] tired lately and didn't get very ready today.
(oh how often those days have been these past few months!!)

Also, it's become apparant to me, that when I'm not smiling, I look mad.
that's my "normal face" I promise I'm not in a bad mood!
(and this pregnancy has really made me bust out if you know what I'm talking about. haha it's embarrassing.)


  1. Hey Andee love! I love the vlogging idea but there is a slight problem. I can't hear what you are saying because of the music on your blog....??

  2. haha scroll down to the bottom and push the pause button!