Friday, December 9, 2011


Kali's surgery was Tuesday.

We woke up that morning to a happy girl [like always],
Smiling and cooing, talking to us both.

We got ready for the day,
knowing that we had to be to PCMC by noon.

We tried to keep her comfortable,
while distracting her from the fact that she could not have anything to eat until after surgery.
I packed all of the things we would need,
and we headed out the door to the Hospital.

I talked with Tyson a bit on the way there about how,
even though her pediatrician said that her surgery was simple and only involved inserting a catheter and letting out small beads,
The paperwork I got in the mail,
that I had only read the day before (oops),
said that they were doing an incision.

I was a little bit worried,
but not too much because I was just going to believe what an actual person told me,
not some dumb paper.

When we arrived,
we sat in the waiting room for them to do Kali's checkup to make sure she was healthy for the surgery.
She was peacefully asleep while we waited.
I just kept thinking that the poor girl had no idea what was about to happen.

When they called her name,
we had to wake her up while they weighed her, checked her,
and gave us a gown to change her in.
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The nurse walked us to another waiting room,
where we'd wait until it was time for her to go back.

We waited there while I cuddled and kissed the heck out of her
and she played with her Daddy...
(who obviously is a lot less annoying. haha)

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and before we knew it,
her Urologist was walking up to us.

She began explaining the procedure to us.
This is where I learned that they were,
doing an incision.

I wasn't happy about it to say the least,
and pretty upset about the fact that no one told me this until now!
After she finished explaining everything,
she left and the anesthesiologist came in.

He told us that he was going give her a mask to put her to sleep,
then do what they call a Cottle (which is similar to an epidural)
to help numb the area so that she wouldn't be in pain when she woke up.
That is when they would insert the I.V.,
and give her a breathing tube as well as a catheter.

When he was done explaining everything to us,
he walked us back to the furthest point we could go.
I didn't want to let go of my baby. I was holding back tears.
She was a little fussy and us both kissing her wasn't helping that.

After giving myself a silent pep talk,
I handed her over to the anesthesiologist,
a guy I had just barely met,
who I knew was going to take her to a group of people,
Who would cause her pain..
(Deep down I knew it was for the best, but at a time like this,
all I could think about was how much I despised everything about the situation)

I watched as he turned the corner with my daughter in his arms
and the last thing I saw was her grabbing at his mask.

That is when I burst into tears.
It was hard to hold back and honestly,
I could have cried a lot harder than I did...
I was still holding it in a WHOLE bunch!

Tyson was incredible through all of this.
He is my rock and held me while I cried.
We were then led to yet another waiting room.
I couldn't hold it in for very long so we quickly decided to go for a walk.

We ended up going to our car,
and I cried while we prayed for comfort and Kali's safety.

We then walked hand in hand back to the waiting room
where we waited for two hours until finally
the Urologist came in and told us everything went well.

10 minutes later,
they called for us and said that only one of us could go back to the ICU to see her.
She had just woken up.
Tyson let me.
again, I love him SO MUCH.
He asked me to send him a picture...

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and this was the only one I could take before picking her up and trying to comfort my poor baby who had no idea what was going on.
Her whole face seemed so swollen and her was cry the most heartbreaking thing I've ever heard.
She seemed miserable.

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Here's the battle wound.
I don't know if you can see them both but she will have both of those tubes coming out of her for a week. It's how she pees for now.

Very shortly after this,
We were moved to the room we would be staying in for the remainder of our stay.
That is when we met with Tyson.

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(This girl ROCKED at her job. I loved her. She was my favorite CNA there by far.)

Once we got some food into Kali's belly...which took forever since she couldn't eat right after,
She began acting very close to her normal self.

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She even sat up, played with some toys and smiled a little!
I was so happy that she seemed okay.

about an hour later,
her Cottle began to wear off.
Even though she had Toradol AND Oxycodone,
she still seemed in pain.

Her cry was crushing me.
Her voice was gone too because of the breathing tube and it killed me to see her that way.

After holding her, while rocking her in the chair and singing her some songs...
she finally fell asleep.

After about 10 minutes,
I decided to try to lay her in the crib.

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She stayed asleep for about a minute.

Then woke right up.
She had a very difficult night.

I eventually,
put her in her stoller and we seriously walked around the entire hospital...
then when we got back to our room,
she fell asleep.

She slept that way in the stroller for half the night,
then woke up and after another couple hours of rocking, coaxing and trying to get her to sleep,
she spent the rest in the crib.

I probably had 3 hours of sleep.
Kali maybe had 5 or 6?

They almost kept us there another night because of how fussy she was,
but that morning she made up for it and was in such a good mood.
We ended up leaving around 4:00 pm.

The next night went pretty well.
She only woke up twice.
(usually she doesn't wake up at all, but considering the circumstances,
she did awesome).

Last night however,
was a different story and it's been like this ever since.

She was awake a good majority of the night.
I had to rock her and tickle her back until she fell asleep.
She was sleeping with us because she would wake up if one of us wasn't touching her.

But by about 3 am...
she wouldn't go back to sleep.
She was kicking us both.
HARD for an almost 7 month old btw.

She has been SO tired all day because of that,
but again,
she won't sleep unless we're touching her.

this picture...
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She's been rubbing her eyes,
and acting so tired,
but will NOT fall asleep unless she's touching us.

Tyson had her sitting on the floor and was trying to talk to her...
and she put her head on his..and was asleep almost instantaneously.
Poor girl.

I hope she starts feeling better cause it's killing me to see her so sick.


  1. Andee! I can't imagine the heartache you have been through! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm so glad the surgery went well and I hope you all start getting some sleep soon!

  2. ohhh my goodness! those surgery pics were soo sad! glad everything went good. hope she continues to heal well. you are such a cute mommy!! xoxo - rachelle :)

  3. Reading this brought tears to my eyes because that was almost exactly how I felt when pcmc took Addi away for her calcification biopsy last year. I felt like the anesthesioligist was walking away with my heart. I have never been so scared for anyone else except in that her moment watching her go through those doors. So glad she is okay and that everything is behind you! Little miss is gorgeous.

  4. Hang in their lady...hope she starts feeling better real quick!

  5. I'm just reading this and you got me in tears :( poor little girl I just want to hug her!! Hope she is all healed by now!