Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kalista is 7 months old!

This post is almost a week late,

Kali is 7 months old!
I can hardly believe it.

She's such a perfect, beautiful little girl.
I can't even begin to explain how much I adore her.

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At 7 months old:

-She has two bottom teeth

-She screams super loud whenever she's playing and strangers that don't know her, think she's crying when she does it. But she's not. ha
-She tries hard to sing
-She is obsessed with her Daddy. She goes crazy when he comes home from work...I'm pretty much chopped liver when he's around and she wants nothing to do with me.
-She loves it when when I do her hair. It's the only time that she willingly holds still. (I can't put it in a ponytail yet, but I can create some awesome hairstyles. haha)
-She is slowly starting to understand how to move to grab things. She's not crawling yet though!
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-She loves the little puff cereal, any flavor.
-Whenever I try to a- change her diaper or b- put her in her car seat. I can almost always expect a fit. No joke she clenches her fists so hard that her hands start to shake, she holds her breath until she turns red and then busts out into a full on scream until I'm done changing her, or I'm holding her car seat. yeah. not sure if that's normal behavior for a 7 month old or if she's just extremely spoiled!
-She usually talks herself to sleep in the car, during nap time, or bedtime.
-She's a curious girl and wants to test out everything she can get her hands on...with her mouth.
-She still loves music
-She loves when I'm singing to her...even if it sounds like a dying cat.
-She loves things that light up. 
-She's finally getting some Chub!
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-She loves sitting in the shopping cart. 
-If we tell her to 'shake her booty', she'll kick her legs and bounce up and down. haha it's so cute   

-She loves to read books
-She doesn't care if I put a headband on her, but when we're in the car, she'll play with them...which causes them to stretch out, so I'll randomly find her with the headband around her eyes. She doesn't even cry when it happens either. I have to just find her that way. hahaha  
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  1. She sure is a cutie! I cannot believe she is already 7 months old. Crazy how fast time flies by! I cannot wait to have my own little one!