Tuesday, December 6, 2016

That time I almost died

the title may be a little dramatic, 
but in all reality, it could've happened.

As I mentioned previously,
I had to be put on an IV earlier in this pregnancy. 
I couldn't keep anything down.

The nurse that came the first day to start my IV,
didn't give me as much information as she should have in order to make sure I knew how to properly change the tubing every day.

Let's just skim past the part that I used to be a CNA and should have enough medical knowledge to keep myself safe from situations like this, 
but I'm going to try to make myself look better by blaming the pregnancy brain okay?

It was the day after I received my IV.
it was a Saturday and while Tyson would normally be home,
he'd just left to have his tires changed on his car. 

I was in bed (it was around noon),
but this was the new normal because I'd been so sick.
My girls were going back and forth between playing in their playroom, the family room, and cuddling with me. 

I had to change my IV line for the first time and figured it'd be simple enough.
I wasn't told I needed to flush it or anything,
and again, let's forget about my previous medical experience.

So, after I got the line all hooked up, I couldn't figure out why it wasn't starting.
So I grabbed one of the syringes that you use to properly flush it, (With everything being unlocked),
and instead of unlocking both sides, I just unlocked one. 
This resulted in a gigantic air bubble in the tube.

It crossed my mind for maybe a second that this might not be a good thing,
but I just ignored it when it didn't seem to feel any different as it went into my arm.

The IV started flowing,
so I just grabbed my phone,
made myself as comfortable as possible,
and started playing a game. 

About 20-30 seconds went by when Kali walked in to ask me a question. 
I started responding when I had to cough.
But when I did cough, it didn't fix the problem. 
It started getting worse and worse to the point where I couldn't breathe.

I was trying to cough out the misery I felt in my chest, 
but it wasn't working and it got so bad that I started throwing up
(luckily I had my precious puke bowl right next to me).

Even throwing up wasn't working and at this point I could barely get a breath in between the violent coughing that was now forcing it's way out of me. 

I started to panic and called Tyson telling him he needed to come home NOW.
He couldn't.
his car was already being worked on so he was stranded.
I then called my mom and tried to explain that I needed her here and while my attempts to speak were  becoming less and less simple, she understood and said she'd be right over.

Kali, who watched me start coughing,
ran into the kitchen and brought me back some water 
(I didn't ask for this you guys. She was trying to help me and it was the sweetest thing. I am so touched by how loving and helpful she always is.)

I could barely take enough short breaths to keep breathing at this point and thought I was going to die. 
I knew I wasn't getting the oxygen I needed and was beginning to worry that my baby was going to die as well. So I called 911. 

As I was forcing out my words to the operator,
I began to feel like I could breath a little better.
While I was still violently coughing,
I wasn't puking anymore and I could get in enough air to at least form a sentence. 

I began to feel like maybe I would be okay and kindly apologized to the 911 operator and told him to cancel the call. The last thing I wanted was to cause a scene for my neighbors. especially if it wasn't necessary.

As soon as I hung up the phone,
the doorbell rang.

It was our next door neighbors who said that Tyson had called and asked them to come check on me. 
I was pretty shaken up and although I could not form sentences, I was still really freaked out. 
 so my neighbor gave me a blessing.

As soon as it was over, I felt back to normal. I all of the sudden felt like nothing had even happened.

It was the strangest experience. 
I am not positive that the air in the tube is what caused that episode,
but there is nothing else I can think of that would have made that happen so randomly.
It scared me! 
I felt so stupid for not thinking about what could happen if air got into my blood stream.

The nurse that came that day,
insisted that if I had gotten air in the line,
that I wouldn't have been able to catch my breath again and the paramedics would've had to intervene.

But I'm not convinced.
I really believe that air in the line is what caused that "episode".
there's absolutely nothing else that it could've been.
The nurse said I could've been having a panic attack,
but there was nothing that would've caused a panic attack at that moment. 

It hadn't even crossed my mind that the air in the tube could've been the factor until after the fact.
I was relaxing in my bed.
I had no reason to be having a panic attack. 

I just had to document my stupidity/my near death experience 😂😂

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