Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pregnancy Update.

Since I'm now 31 weeks pregnant,
I thought I should probably give a little info on how it's going!

As I mentioned in the previous post,
we are having ANOTHER girl!!!

It's all we know how to make, but I'm totally fine with it because it's also all I know.
haha. To be honest, while Tyson REALLY wanted a boy,
I was a little nervous about it because it would've been a whole new ball game for me and completely different.
and because I hadn't been 100% about having another baby at first, the thought of having a boy just brought on a weird type of anxiety. Not that I wouldn't absolutely ADORE HIM, 
It would have just been out of my comfort zone at first. 

This pregnancy has definitely been something else. 
I was sick sick sick with Kali, but it was nothing compared to how I felt this time around. 

I literally could barely move for the first 17 weeks. 
I ended up being so sick, I couldn't even keep down a popsicle, which resorted to me having to get one of these suckers...

Which was really awesome since we don't have insurance this time around. 
(thanks Obama. 😂)

I have a story about this IV as well that I would like to document and will do so in the next post. 

I was miserable and couldn't move until about 18 weeks. 
After that, 
I could get out of bed, but could only be up and moving for about15 minutes at a time. 
on top of that, the amount pure exhaustion I felt was insane. 
I seriously couldn't get enough sleep and had to take at least one 2 hour nap a day in order to even attempt to be a mom. 

By about 25 weeks,
I was just starting to feel like I could perform a task without taking a break in the middle, 
when sickness struck our household.

It started about a week before Halloween.
I was helping in Kalista's kindergarten class when I noticed a little boy with a terrible cough.
I made sure to steer clear of him because getting sick was the LAST thing I needed,
and I did a pretty good job doing so...

that's when it happened.

all the kids were lining up to get ready to go home for the day,
when this little boy walked right up to Kali and coughed directly in her face.
That's when I knew it was over.

Sure enough, 4 days later Kalista had a full blown cough.
I wasn't too concerned because she didn't seem sick besides that. 
Then Hayleigh got the cough. She was a little worse, 
but still was herself for the most part.

A couple days later I got it.
at first I wasn't worried because based off how my kids handled it,
I figured I'd be fine.


That cough quickly turned into pneumonia. 
I was so upset about it because my house had been neglected for 25 weeks now! 

It took a couple days for me to call my doctor, 
but after I started the meds, 
I was feeling better about 3 days later. 

Not 24 hours after I felt like I could get out of bed again,
Hayleigh started throwing up.
The poor girl couldn't keep anything down. 
She had caught that terrible stomach flu that was SOO easy to catch this year. 

Then Kali got that within 24 hours...
and just as I thought I'd avoided it,
we had thanksgiving dinner two weeks early at my parents house...
 and that night..
I puked it ALL UP.
So much for EVER being able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner again! 😞

The next day,
I was so sick that Tyson, 
who NEVER stays home from work might I add,
could tell just by looking at me that I wasn't going to make it through the day without him.

So he called in,
which he's only done maybe two other times in our entire marriage,
and he took care of me and the kids all day.
I was literally SO SICK. 
I could barely even get out of bed to make it to the toilet in time to throw up.

Tyson's immune system is pretty tough and he had been able to avoid getting sick at all up to this point. 
but the next day,
he called me from work saying he wasn't feeling well.
I KNEW he had what I'd had and told him to come home.
But because he's crazy, he refused. 
He called me later that day and said he finally threw up and was feeling fine.

MAN I wish it'd been that simple for me. haha
At this point I was convinced that pregnancy makes any illness 10X worse. 

We had TWO more illnesses after this and THIS week,
it's December 6th might I add, 
is the first week that none of us are really sick.

I think I might have a cold right now, 
but It's nothing I can't handle. 

we went through about 5 illnesses back to back in our house from the week before halloween until now. 

I'm 31 weeks,
well into my 3rd trimester,
and I feel better than I have the ENTIRE pregnancy.
(Even with a cold!)

I do have days where I'm really tired and need a nap. 
if I don't get that nap I'm really on edge,
my sciatic nerve hurts on and off,
and when the baby moves a lot I get really sick,
but besides that I'm feeling like a million bucks!

I have accomplished more in the last week than I have my entire pregnancy.
that's not an exaggeration either. 

This past week I finally started getting things for this baby. 
At this point with my other kids I pretty much had the entire nursery done already! haha
you don't need much at the beginning anyway. 

We chose the name for our sweet baby girl before we'd even decided to have another one.
We had a girl name and boy named picked out
(I picked the girl, Tyson picked the boy)
I'm weird like that and have to be prepared. haha

So our new sweet angel's name is going to be 
Bonnie Ann.

My Grandma's name is Bonnie and I've been so in love with it. 
Ann is after my sister and grandmother in law.

I've been so excited to have my grandma meet and hold my sweet baby and take a picture of both Bonnie's. 
But at this point, that will probably not happen. 

My Grandma has kidney failure and is now at the point where dialysis isn't working anymore.
She officially stopped dialysis last week and the doctor has given her 1-3 weeks to live. 

While I know she will be so much happier this way,
I selfishly am devastated. 
Why now?

I'm 31 weeks and I wanted more than anything for her to meet this baby.
It's hard for me to talk about and I am so heartbroken,
but I know that she will be happier this way. 

My grandma has had a hard life and deserves to finally be comfortable and at peace. 

She will actually get to meet baby Bonnie before all of us,
and if this baby is as self-less, strong, and incredible as she is, 
I will be happy. 💗

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