Thursday, May 23, 2013

2nd Birthday Party!!

Our Beautiful Baby Girl turned two on May 11th! 

I can't believe how fast she is growing. 
Her personality is so funny and her speech is quickly excelling. 
She is starting to really understand how to communicate I love it...and it's also really cute.

EVERYTHING she says is cute. 
She thinks she's a little adult, but expects mommy and daddy to still treat her like a baby and wants to stay our baby forever. 

I think she understands a little that a baby is on it's way and she doesn't approve.

We had a Lorax Birthday party and it turned out really cute!

A lot of people came and Kali had a blast!
She got so many presents that we had to reorganize her whole room to get them all to fit 
[and they honestly still don't...haha]

Here's pictures from her party...

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!

We love you SO SO much and can't imagine life without you.
You are our entire world <3

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