Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kalista is 9 months old!!

I can't believe I've been able to snuggle play and enjoy my little princess for as long as I carried her in my belly!

('ll be 9 months on saturday ;))

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At Nine Months Old Kali:

-Weighs 16 pounds 9 Ounces, which is the 15th percentile for her age

- Is 28 inches long (she's grown 3 inches since last month!!),  which is the 80th percentile for her height. TALL baby!

-has learned to crawl and crawls all over the place (this makes for a happier baby!!)

(This was the day she started crawling. She's a lot quicker than this now!)

-Likes to eat the same food as us...I swear it makes her feel like an adult. She gets mad if we feed her something different than what we're eating. Good thing the Doctor recommended she start eating normal food!

-Stands up on everything and walks while holding on to something

-is very high maintenanced and thinks she owns the world (which most of the time...she does.
 Especally at Oma, Opas, Grandma, Grandpas and when Daddy comes home

-Won't go to sleep without her binky...but that's usually the only time she wants it

- Plays around in her crib, standing up, screaming (not crying..playing) and talking for about 10-20 minutes before falling asleep both during nap time AND bedtime.

-She says "yeah" when we ask her a could very well be a coincedence but it's really funny

-She loves Dogs

-She loves Daddy and starts looking for him the minute the front door opens

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-She already loves the stairs and crawls up them SUPER fast. We really gotta get a gate...Good thing I've been able to notice her escape before she falls

-Has a major temper already (oh crap.) She Clenches her fists really tight, her face turns red, and she grunts when she doesn't get her way.

-She Growls a lot, sometimes along with her temper

-She's beginning to learn the 'If I drop something, mommy or daddy will pick it up' game and does it with almost everything

-Is just now developing a TINY BIT of stranger danger. Only to certain people and all she does is look at them and get shy by burying her face in my chest. But she will still go to anyone that wants to hold her.

-When I pick her up from being babysat at my parents house, she looks at me, starts whining and reaches for me. It always makes me feel really good ;)

-She gives the best Eskimo Kisses you'll ever see in your life...

and finally,
-She is my angel. I really don't know how I'd live without her.
We love you Kalista Jean!!


  1. You have the most beautiful baby i've ever seen ♥

  2. Wow! I can't believe she is already nine months! Where does the time go? She sure is a beautiful baby!

  3. Those eskimo kisses made me laugh out loud! So cute!