Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kali's Follow up Doctor Appointment

Kali had her Follow up appointment with her Urologist today.
We are happy to announce that she is doing AWESOME!
She is a completely different baby.
They did an ultrasound and it looked great.
We didn't even have to schedule another appointment!

Halle freaking lujah!

She was REALLY mad that she had to be kept still during her ultrasound,
but seemed to forgive everyone when she was given her FIRST SUCKER EVER!

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(Because I'm really paranoid about her getting bad teeth, I made sure it was sugar free. ha. No sugar for my baby!)

So we're all very happy campers over here!!

Kali is such a different baby.
She is so much happier.
I just LOVE the stage she is at right now.
I seriously have so much dang fun with this little munchkin!

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