Tuesday, January 25, 2011


was a crazy day at work.

we were quite busy,
but I somehow seemed to get a few minutes every now and then to sit down and take a breather
(which is good thing, because if I don't, Braxton Hicks starts coming on and it makes my back HURTT)

At about 5 o'clock,
Tyson called me. 

He had just gotten off work and was on his way to my work to wait for me to get off at 7
(we carpool. It saves on gas. There is no reason to drive two cars when he passes mine while driving to his :)) 

I got his message telling me that when I was sitting down taking a break
and then his text telling me he was there at about 5:45 or so.

All day,
I was thinking that Kali was sure sleeping a lot.
I had only felt her move once.

When I finished my 6 o'clock rounding,
I went out to see Tyson.
I said hi to him and sat down next to him while he started telling me a story.

Kali started kicking like crazy.
It was like she knew he was there and was saying hi to him.
It was the cutest thing ever.
When I was sure that she was going to keep doing it,
I put his hand on my stomach and 
He felt her move.

After that she stopped.
haha I loved it.

I love that she has a Daddy to say hi to.
This experience is just so much different than the last.
I mean, obviously Avery could hear her parents and would kick for them,
but this time I'M her mom, and she knows it.
It's just so incredible to experience this.

I love my little family!

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  1. That's my favorite, feeling the baby move inside of me. I actually miss it when I am not pregnant anymore, even when they are more fun on the outside! I would always try and get my husband to try and feel for out first daughter and she always stopped when he tried moving. Then one night he came home late from work and stayed up talking with me and Olivia started to move like crazy and that was his first time feeling her.