Friday, January 21, 2011


Saying that buying a house is stressful,
is an EXTREME understatement!

I knew that it included a lot of waiting,
{especially when dealing with a short sale}

But seriously.
We made an offer on December 2nd.
The bank responded ULTRA fast and we found out that they accepted on January 2nd.
WOAH!! awesome bank. awesome :) least it would have been.

Now comes the difficult part.
As we all know,
Tyson changed his name and SS#
(pretty much his identity)
when he was adopted because so many people had his old SS #
...because it was stolen.

because of this,
he has 0 credit.

We were going to just go off of my credit,
but it has to be perfect.
I have pretty dang good credit,
I've been pretty proud of it...
but because of an issue with the dang hospital...
[I won't go in to detail with that]
I have a mark on my credit from when Avery was born.

because my dad is incredible at his job,
(he's our mortgage broker) 
He found a lender that said he could do it with Tyson's credit.

we started going through that process.

a couple of days ago,
my dad came down with some not so great news.

Because Tyson doesn't have any credit,
He cannot be approved unless he has proof that he has been working at his current job for 6 months.

his job is very new...
and he's only been there for two.

We were told today though that our Real Estate Agent is trying to get the bank to agree to wait until May 16th (which is when Tyson will have been with his job for 6 months).
That's 4 months away.

That's a HUUGEE stretch.
(and not likely...:( )

we have a back-up plan in case it doesn't work.
It's so stressful doing this.
I feel like we'll finally be able to get our lives together,
and that Kali would be good to come,
once we get into our house.

But May 16th is REALLY pushing it.
she's due less than a month after that.
If worse comes to worse,
at least we know we'll always have a place to stay.

Thanks Mom and Dad < 3 :)


  1. Nuts! Hope it works out for you! :) Shelby

  2. That stinks! All those crazy mortgage loans that were done a few years ago ruined it for everyone!! Our friends bought a 500K house a few years ago on a no documentation loan and I know for a fact they weren't making enough at that time to qualify for it. We had to do a lot of paperwork to just buy our place.

    Will the bank not use his previous employment then to count towards the 6 months?

  3. NO they won't! Which is dumb since it's not like he doesn't ever work...he's had a job since right after he came home from his mission.

    This place is such an incredible deal too, which makes it that much harder to just say bye to it.