Sunday, July 28, 2013

Introducing Hayleigh Rochelle

She's Here!!!

Hayleigh was born on June 11th at 8:16 pm.
She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was only 19.5 inches long. 
Just a tiny little peanut.

{Kalista was 6 pounds 7 ounces, 20 inches long and she as born earlier than Hayleigh was.} 

Everything about the pregnancy, delivery and recovery was SO different than the other two.
It's crazy. 

I've already talked about how much easier the pregnancy was.
But because the pregnancy was so easy...I paid for it during delivery and post partum!
I'd definitely prefer it this way though because I'm miserable for a smaller amount of time. 

It all started on Monday June 10th. 
I had been contracting for a few days but I wasn't getting my hopes up because they weren't consistently close together. 

{37.3 weeks prego}
I took this picture around 1:00 pm on monday June 10th. 
Afterwards we left to run some errands and around 4:00 pm I started contracting closer together. 
everytime I would time them they'd be 3-4 minutes apart.
Even though they were close together, 
they weren't painful to the point where I couldn't talk through them.
They hurt, but they were definitely bearable. 
We stopped by Tysons work to drop something off to him
 and I asked whether or not he thought we should go in when he got off.

I kept going back and forth. 
I decided I would just wait a little longer to see if they continued.
So Kali and I went to Target and went home. 
When we got home I made dinner and decided at that point that I wanted to go in.
If this really was labor I didn't want to wait too long because we lived an hour from the hospital.
I decided I'd prefer to have them send me home rather than me delivering in the car because we waited too long! 

I was in no rush though so I played with Kali for a little bit then Tyson and I went upstairs to gather our things and we all headed out. 
We dropped Kali off at my parents house and got to the hospital around 9:30.
They checked me just after arriving and I was only a fingertip dilated.
They told me they would check me in an hour to see if I had changed.
SO...I decided I was going to walk.
So we walked the whole hour and when they checked me again I had dilated to a 1.
So they said they'd check me again in another hour...and we walked again...and I'd dilated another centimeter.
and an hour later I was a 3+.

Obviously I was progressing, 
so they said the 5 words we'd been anticipating 
"we're going to admit you"
I would have been totally fine if they had decided to send me home at this point.
But they didn't. 
They'd decided I was in early labor and saw no reason in sending me all the way back home.
We were SOO excited at this point!
We called our families, got out the video camera, and excitedly discussed what we thought she was going to look like and how big she was going to be. 

By 2:00 am I was in more pain...but not enough to get the epidural.
So I just asked for some pain meds...BIG mistake!!

The pain meds they gave me completely stopped everything.
like 100%. I stopped contracting, the pain stopped and nothing was happening.

By 6:00 am the on call doctor finally decided to come in and checked me.
I had not progressed. 
He then dared bring up the idea of sending us home.
haha if you know me that's a bad idea.
You don't get my hopes up, admit me, give me an I.V. and then tell me that you've changed your mind and you are going to send me home.

He told me to get up and walk around and said he'd check me again in about an hour and a half and if I hadn't progressed at all he was going to send me home.
At this point my parents were there so my dad and I ran up and down 4 flights of stairs and I walked with so much bounce that I looked completely ridiculous. haha but I was NOT going home. Not now. Not after they'd gotten us so excited like this!
When we got back to our room,
the on call Dr had changed and a nicer, more rational doctor was there. {haha in my obviously biased opinion}
He checked me and I had dilated a 1/2 centimeter.
He told me that if he sent me home, 
he was sure I'd be back that night or the next day at the latest and saw no point in making me wait.
SO, he decided to break my water. 
Finally we were going to get this show on the road.
Wait, just kidding.
Cause that medicine I'd been given had really REALLY slowed things down.
and after be broke my water nothing happened...

I still wasn't contracting anymore. 
it was ridiculous. 
After 5 hours of nothing happening,
I decided that I wanted to start pitocin {which I had really wanted to try to avoid this time}
but they wanted to give me an epidural first since obviously I would end up getting one if I was going to use pitocin.
I got the epidural.

Now, I don't know if it was beause I wasn't in any pain this time or what...
but the epidural hurt this time.
I CRIED this time when he did it. 
It didn't bother me at all the other two times!
After I got the epidural, my blood pressure decided to start acting up and it went down to like 70/40 Which made me super tired and out of it. I think they gave me medicine to bring it up...but I don't know for sure because I was SOO tired. I just know they got it up somehow. haha

Low bp is WAY better than high bp though and it wasn't really that bad.

Once they got that under control they started the pitocin. 
and it STILL took about 4 hours for me to start progressing.
It was so wierd. 
Once the contractions were consistent I realized how little the epidural was affecting my left side. 
I could even lift my left leg and move and stuff. 
They ended up putting a stronger medicine in and it helped...but it also numbed my right side more and my right leg has never been so numb. 
It didn't even feel connected to me. It was the wierdest thing! haha
by about 7:40 I started feeling pressure. 
They had checked me about an hour before and I was a 7.
They checked me again and I was ready to push!
The Doctor came in, I pushed through 3 contractions and I actually felt her  come out.
I had to be told that the other two had come out with my other labors. 
I don't know if it's because I had more feeling in my left side, but I felt her come out. It was crazy!
It didn't hurt it was just really wierd. 
We immediately did skin to skin and she was perfectly healthy and beautiful!
She cried the most adorable cry I've ever heard. 
I love her so much! 

She's so beautiful and looks just like her sister!
I'm serious.
Here's proof if you don't believe me...

Not sure how you can make the same exact looking baby twice...haha but it happened!

We love her SO MUCH! 
She's so perfect.

It's wierd having a healthy baby.
Kali was so sick the first 7 months of her life that it's wierd having a baby that actually poops and pees a normal amount of times...and a baby that doesn't cry!

I'm not kidding she cries when I change her diaper or when she's hungry.
That's about it.

She's an angel!

She's almost 7 weeks old now
I can't believe how fast time flies.
I want her to stay my itty bitty newborn forever. 

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  1. aw I loved this! You may not have wanted pitocin, but you went into labor naturally which is the most important part! And I would have gotten an epidural on pitocin too! I've heard they're pretty painful contractions. The feeling of a baby coming out of you is so weird! I remember feeling it with Nate too, but also that disconnected feeling. I remember thinking my legs were one way, but they were falling off the bed and stuff. I can't wait to do it all again haha!