Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kalista is 15 months old!

I know I missed last month!
We've been super busy moving and all!

So I'll try to add everything to this post!

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At 15 months
-She says more and more everyday. As of today she can say "Uh oh" "Dada" "No" "Nice" "baba (for milk)" and she will say "mama" only if she wants me to hold her!
- she'll sign more, milk and all done...sometimes...when she's in the mood! haha
-She'll show us where her nose is..but only if we ask her when she's not focused on something else
- She says "hoo hoo" When we ask her to tell us what a monkey says
- She's PRO at giving hugs and kisses
-Whenever we ask her to give us a hug she'll give us a hug and then go "ooh" [because that's what we do whenever we she gives us one.]
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-She loves to play chase. If I say "I'm gonna get you" She'll take off running as fast as she can.
-She'll give the cheesiest smile...especially if she knows she's getting all of the attention
-She'll speak really fast in gibberish and just go on and's very apparant she's telling us a story.
- Sometimes she'll speak gibberish and then laugh at the end like she's saying something funny
-Whenever there's some sort of sitcom on TV, she'll attempt to laugh everytime the 'audience' does.
-She LOVES music still and will try to sing along when we sing
-She is obsessed with books. She'd choose a book over any toy any day.
-She's becoming a picky eater...which I was hoping wouldn't happen. haha
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- She loves to clean up and 'organize'...She is always finding something that I've cleaned, makes a mess of it and then cleans it up the way she wants it. It's so cute!
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-She waves bye bye whenever someone says bye, or she knows we're going bye bye
-She LOVES to go outside and waves bye bye and goes to the door when she wants to be outside
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-She'll play upstairs in her room for hours on end as long as I have all of the other doors closed.
-She is officially off bottles and has replaced going to bed with a bottle, to going to bed with a book!
-She's a definite morning person and wakes up talking and playing
-She only takes 1 nap a day now instead of 2 :(
-She's beginning to throw temper tantrums
-She has the most hilarious fake cry lately that I've ever heard. She'll open her mouth and make the fakest sound ever
-She loves water. She loves to swim, play at the splash pad, sit in the bath or play with the faucet.

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-I still constantly worry about her. Seriously I'm checking on her like 20 times every night.
-I'm still addicted to her and I don't think it's going to change for a LONG time!

-We're like best friends and even though I'm not important when Daddy gets home, during the day...we have so much fun together. I LOVE being a mommy!

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